The leaked 4Conner log reveals anti-racist, anti and transphobic messages that mark the end of his twitch career

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    Twitch steamer 4 Conner found itself in hot water after DM leaked onto the online discharge surface. The Internet was quick to accuse him of being a racist, anti-Jewish, transphobic person. It was quick to tell the streaming community that it would be better off without him.

    Who is 4Conner?

    For the non-irrigated, 4Conner is a popular streamer on Twitch. He Often the currents between us and Rocket League. The 20-year-old rose to fame by defeating a famous League of Legends dreamer in 2018.

    Recently, 4 Gunner’s Logs surfaced on Imgur. After the controversial log was leaked, 4Conner was quick to apologize and explained that his future in the streaming world was essentially “over”.

    4Conner logs leaked on Imgur have taken the streaming community by storm

    The log, which went online on February 20, revealed a multitude of shocking messages. The log highlighted 4Conner’s horrific views on various minority communities.

    A message as of September 9, 2019 showed 4Conner making explicit comments about the African-American community. Discussing an organization, he goes on to say:

    “If twitchcan like smooth clothes, I’m facing hate crimes … for the whole African-American race.”

    Leaked 4Conner logs on Discord (Image Credits: Imgur) Image Credits: Imgur

    Here are some reactions on Twitter:

    Twitch steamer “Kayla,” who was among those spotted in the 4Conner logs, was quick to get an apology of her own. Soon after the organization began to curb, Kayla took to Twitter to explain her story.

    Twitch streamer Kayla explains her story after 4Conner Drama makes its way to her (Image via Kayla on Twitter)

    Twitch is yet to provide commentary on the future of its channel.

    Published 21 February 2021 19:36 IST


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