The manhunt for Brian Laundrie is over. What happens next in the search for answers to Gabby Petito’s murder?

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Now that the officials Search ends for Brian LaundryQuestions remain about what happened to the two — and what will happen next — the fiancé of murder victim Gabby Petito, who has been missing for a month.

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The FBI announced Thursday that human remains were found in a Florida park where search teams were searching for laundry. Petito’s body was found on September 19 near a campground in Wyoming.

The case garnered nationwide attention and each stage of the investigation has sparked a flurry of social media users. Many of them are wondering if we will ever get an answer as to what happened to the couple.

What’s next in the murder investigation?


Laundry was the only person identified in Pettito’s murder, but he was never charged in connection with his death. After his disappearance he was charged with unauthorized use of debit cards and accounts.

The two were traveling across the country in a white van together, and suspicions arose after returning to their home in North Port, Florida in the van without laundry. She was reported missing a few days later in New York by her parents, and Laundry would not cooperate with law enforcement. Laundry soon disappeared, telling his family that he had been hiking in a vast reserve near the house.

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There has also been widespread speculation about the issue of possible intimate partner violence in the relationship, stemming from police body camera footage when officers in Moab, Utah pulled over the couple on August 12 after a 911 call report that “the gentleman was slapped”. It was girl.”

Pettito’s death was ruled murder by strangulation. The case’s coroner said his body had been lying there for weeks before it was found.

Some experts have said that while Petito’s murder could end a cold case, the only person who lived with him before the murder is now dead.

“The investigation could go on indefinitely,” former Hillsborough County Prosecutor Steven Capriati told the local station. WFLA. “If they go and decide Brian was responsible and there’s no one else they can blame, that’s the end and the family has to live with it and it’s a sad event.”

Petito’s great-aunt Jill Hengel said that finding Laundry dead meant it would be difficult to find answers to Petito’s murder.

“I don’t consider it justice, because parents will never know what happened. And they want to know,” Hengel told a local CBS affiliate. WTSP.

Timeline:When (and where) the tragic events in the Brian Laundry, Gabby Petito saga unfold

What is the cause of death of laundry?

The FBI said the laundry remains were identified from dental records because only skeletal remains were found. This will make it more difficult to ascertain the cause of his death.

The remains were found in an area that was previously submerged in water. Officials said Laundry’s father first saw a bag belonging to Laundry, and law enforcement officers discovered the remains and other items, including a notebook, after a five-week search by law enforcement.

Given the condition of the remains, officials did not say whether an autopsy could determine the cause of death.

“There can be no way to determine how he died,” Jim Clemente, a former FBI profiler, told CNN. “If he drowned, for example, there would be no evidence of it on his skeleton.”

Dr. Cyril Vecht, who has been involved in the high-profile death investigation, important part of the investigation It would have to be determined how long the body was there.

“If he shot himself, it would still be obvious,” Veitch said. “If he stabs himself, he may be wiped out or clearly obscured depending on the postmortem period and drowning in the water.”

Also of interest would be what the contents of the found notebook are and whether it is sufficient for reading. The material may provide clues as to what happened to Petito or whether the laundry was intended to harm itself.

Steven Bertolino, a lawyer for the Laundry family, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” ​​that suicide was “always a concern,” his state of mind when he left for the hike.

The FBI said investigators would continue to search the area where the laundry remains and items were found, possibly for several days.

Will attention be reduced?

The laundry and petito affair has attracted nationwide attention, and sparked a barrage of speculation by so-called “social media investigators”. They are following every step of the investigation, and sometimes conspiracy theories are sent out of control.

Even after the laundry remains were identified by law enforcement, conspiracy theories have persisted.

Some social media users have questioned whether Laundry pretended his death to avoid prosecution for killing Pettito, or whether someone else killed both Pettito and Laundry outright. There is no basis for both theories in evidence.

Internet officials have also questioned the involvement of the Laundry family in his disappearance. The Laundries did not initially speak with police, directing them to their attorneys after Pettito’s disappearance was reported, fueling doubts about whether they knew anything about Pettito’s death. Many have accused Chris and Roberta Laundry of covering up for their son. His lawyer has nailed it down firmly.

Several times during laundry searches, false scenes went viral on social media sites such as Twitter, prompting police to make statements in the wake of Laundry’s arrest.

But additional attention was given to helping find the bodies of other missing people. Pettito’s body was also discovered thanks to travel bloggers, who filmed the couple’s van nearby and reported the location.

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