‘The Office’: Jenna Fisher said that her ‘biggest rigrette’ was 1 episode, which could never show. Showbiz cheat sheet

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    Office The cast scored superbly on the popular series, but one regret that many of the show’s co-stars have expressed in the past. Find out why cast Office They said that they want what they can do for a particular episode.

    ‘The Office’ Cast | Chris Heston / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

    1 regret is to cast ‘The Office’

    During two separate episodes of Office Deep Dive with Brian Baumgartner Podcast, former Office The star chatted with her co-stars and revealed that they shared a common regret.

    On 16 February case, Baumgartner and Jenna Fisher shared details of an episode they always hoped to do, but never pulled.

    Baumgartner and Fisher talked about how they loved that the show took place in Scranton. “I know that when he talked about things around the office, he did a lot of research – the local radio station, Herr’s Potato Chips,” Fisher noted the details that produced realism in documentary-style shows did.

    “I know it really always breaks Greg [Daniels, the show’s creator] Dil said that we did not shoot an episode in Scranton, ”the actor said. “Every year they toyed with the idea of ​​taking us there and it was always cost-prohibitive. I know that Greg dreamed that we would be shooting the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.”

    Baumgartner said he shared this disappointment. “It is so crazy that you are saying this. He said, really, when I had the biggest remorse, that was it.

    “I would say, the same,” Fisher agreed. “My biggest regret was that we never shot in Scranton. But the city of Scranton, I remember one year they were really looking at this parade idea and they agreed to pursue their parade two months ago because we would have to shoot before St. Patrick’s Day. ”

    “So they were going for their St. Patrick’s Day parade in January and they couldn’t figure out the full cost how to get the entire cast and crew,” he said.

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    Angela Kinsey said the episode must have been ‘so good’

    Similarly, Baumgartner and Angela Kinsey talk to him Podcast About the same regrets. The host asked Kinsey how she felt about Scranton as a location.

    “I think it made it the base, it made it like any city. It could be anywhere … I really like it,” she explained. “That’s one of the things that makes me sad, if you’re going to say what some regrets about filming Office – is that we never got to film an episode.

    Kinsey shared a tidbit similar to Fisher’s. “And they tried, they really tried but it’s a lot of parts to move an entire cast and crew and set up for a week.” “But we tried to parade St. Patrick’s Day and it did very well.”

    Baumgartner reported that she was not the only one who wanted to shoot in Scranton. He said, “You know what is so crazy that Jenna said the same thing and I said the same thing. “” It is one of my biggest regrets that we have never been there. “

    However, the cast got to Scranton for the convention and their closing wrap party. Kinsey called her first trip to Scranton with Baumgartner “one of the favorite weekends of my life – and that includes being a mother. How fun this weekend was. It was just a blast.”

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