The People’s Party is far outside the mainstream of Canadian politics, but it deserves representation

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Word is that Chelsea Hillier’s campaign is gaining traction. If the votes are split correctly, the Canadian People’s Party candidate for Elgin-Middlesex-London could ride for South-Western Ontario on September 20. Here’s hoping she does.

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To maintain a healthy democracy, Ms Hillier – the daughter of rogue Ontario MPP Randy Hillier – as well as party leader Maxim Bernier and several other PPC candidates must be elected to the House of Commons.

The People’s Party remains far outside the mainstream of Canadian politics. Some of its more ardent supporters fueled protests affecting the campaign of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. (Ms Hillier’s former riding president Shane Marshall was sacked and charged by police after Mr Trudeau allegedly threw gravel.) Mr Bernier’s rhetoric – “When tyranny becomes law, revolution is ours becomes a duty” – can be incendiary.


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It is reasonable to suspect that most protesters harassing health care workers and patients outside hospitals will vote for PPC.

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Nonetheless, the People’s Party of Canada is a legitimate political party that deserves representation. It reflects the views of nearly two million voters. Suppressing the voice of those voters will only worsen their estrangement with the mainstream.

The PPC platform is straightforward: it will cut immigration by up to 75 percent and eliminate multiculturalism as a policy. Newcomers will be interviewed to ensure that they adopt “Canadian values ​​and social norms” that are “of a contemporary Western civilization.”

Under a PPC government, Canada will withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, lowering the bar for oil and gas pipeline approval. It would direct the Bank of Canada to lower its inflation target from 2 percent to 0 percent; Balance the budget in your first mandate; reduction in equalization payments; Let the provinces run their own health care systems as they deem fit; lift multiple gun restrictions; and oppose “vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and other authoritarian measures”.

Not my cup of tea – and then some. But similar policies have sometimes been implemented in the United States and some European countries. In other countries, populist right-wing parties are prominently represented in legislatures.

As Erin O’Toole moves the Conservative Party to the center, some voters on the party’s right have left it for the PPC, which enjoys the support of about 7 percent of eligible voters, according to Tuesday’s Nano. trekking poles And for CTV News. This is more than four times the 1.6 percent put by the party in the last election and more support than the Bloc Québécois or Green Party Command.

In the House of Commons, which fairly represented the will of the electorate, the PPC would have about two dozen MPs if that level of support were translated into votes on election day. But due to the irregularities of the first-past-the-post voting system, the party could be shut down, further alienating right-wing voters who have already lost faith in their political institutions.

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There are many reasons why so many people have become angry and distrustful: loss of manufacturing jobs due to offshoring; increasing numbers of non-European immigrants; pandemic stress; The self-empowerment that comes from denying authority.

While most of us agree that making vaccinations mandatory for workplaces, public transport and other shared spaces is essential to protect vulnerable people and defeat the pandemic, others see such restrictions as an attack on their personal liberties. see as. And many of them distrust the scientific consensus around vaccines, just as they do in the case of climate change.

Mr Bernier wants to be his voice. If their voices are silenced – if members of the PPC fail to break into parliament, like Mr Bernier was unfairly denied representation in the leaders’ debate last week – they may find another way to be heard. Will find And you might not like their ways.

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