‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond and Her Husband Ladd Show Just How ‘Weirdly Competitive’ They Are and Their Fans Love It

Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd have a warm relationship that is full of playful fun and, it turns out, a bit of competition. leading lady The star is sharing some highlights from their “marital vacation” and it also includes a hilarious video of the two that shows just how competitive they are.

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Ree Drummond says she and Ladd are ‘oddly competitive’

A little competition can be healthy in a marriage. Ree showed how she and Ladd would get into competitive mode at a moment’s notice in a video posted to her Instagram account. In the video, they are suddenly involved in a race at the hotel where they are staying on vacation, even destroying another guest in an attempt to win the sprint.

Ree explained her shenanigans in the caption of the Instagram post. “Laddoo and I are oddly competitive,” she wrote. “Not with anything that matters, but definitely with dumb things like running each other up a random flight of stairs on vacation. Normally I have no hope of defeating him unless I tell him this Not starting a race without decides that’s a race.”

She continued, “Today he was nice enough to open the door for me and I used that as my chance to start. See how quickly he reacted, it’s almost like a reflex. Anyway, one of these No one had a good idea at 8,155 feet. I’m pretty sure I won, it doesn’t matter because I’m dead now. Goodbye.”

Fans love Ree and Led Drummond’s playful moment

Her fans loved watching Ree and Ladd spontaneously break down in a race in public and shared their thoughts in the comments of the Instagram post. “That’s the real thing that makes a marriage! Beautiful!,” commented one fan. Others shared comments, such as “Never stop having fun,” “So much fun! Keep playing!” and “You couldn’t possibly be more adorable.”

Other fans were thrilled to see Laddu in top shape after the recent accident. “Glad to see him climb the stairs without a neck brace!! Major answered prayer!!,” wrote a fan. Rei replied, “Absolutely.”

Another person commented, “Cutest couple ever. Try to kill a man recovering from a broken neck” and Rei said, “Haha, I need every edge I can find!”

“And he just recovered from a broken neck??!!!,” wondered another fan. Rea confirmed, “Yeah, he’s a tough dude.”

Ree Drummond Says She and Her Husband Don’t Agree on a Big Thing

Ree also shared an interesting argument she and her husband had while road tripping in Colorado. She packed snacks for the trip, including jerky, but Ladd wasn’t impressed by the way her minced meat snack choices were tender and “juicy.”

ri wrote about it on her leading lady blog, explaining that she found that she and Ladd did not see face-to-face on this important matter of jerk preference.

“You’d think you’d know a person after 25 years of marriage. Their likes, dislikes, likes, dispositions, opinions, desires and beliefs,” wrote Ree. “But on Saturday in Colorado for our marital holiday our nine During the hour’s drive, I discovered something about my life partner that shook me to the core.”

She explained, “Laddus doesn’t like the same kind of beef that I like. And he feels really strongly about it.”

At his next stop, Ladd picked up his favorite jerky and Ri tasted it. It certainly wasn’t “juicy”.

“It’s very dry and hard to tear, to the extent that you really have to clench it with your teeth and work hard to pull it apart — and yes, you have to chew and chew and chew it, and its By the time I finished my first big test bite, I felt like a wolf,” she wrote.

He said he found himself biting it during his ride. Even if it was hard to chew, it was “really delicious,” Rei explained.

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