When I was in my mid-30s, my career was taking off. I had big aspirations, so having a baby was a big decision. I told myself that I would only have a baby if I really wanted a baby every day for a year. I needed to make sure I was making the right choice.

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Then my daughter happened, and I learned a valuable lesson: You don’t have to choose between being your best self in business and being a good parent. With the right balance, you can develop healthy relationships with your children that will positively impact your professional relationships and professional life.

share in their glory

Parents are often proud of their children, but getting their children’s pride in return is its own reward. At an event where I was inducted into the Minnesota Business Hall of Fame, my son insisted on a photo of the two of us, which he later posted in a LinkedIn tribute.


“Proud son moment,” he wrote. “An inspiration in my life … always to learn, improve and deliver results. It was a privilege to meet some of the best business minds in Minnesota tonight to honor all of their achievements.”

His words hit me hard. After all the efforts I put into giving him everything I always wanted him to be, my son, who was showing that he had taken it all. My grandson will now grow up and see himself in those photos with his grandmother, being recognized for his achievements. Knowing that my kids are as proud of me as they are of me is what motivates me to work harder and strive for more achievements in my career.

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When leaders share their professional successes with their children and use them as teaching moments, they are finding a balance of both worlds. Both you and your family can be inspired by the work you do when you bring your home and personal life together. Your kids will see everything you do and know that if they work hard they can do anything. In turn, knowing that the work you do is motivating for your children, motivation to keep on and achieve higher goals, leading to growth for your company and career.

It is a perfect example of how your family and professional life can work together and make a positive impact on the other. Not only is there no need to put these worlds apart, but you may also find that you are missing out on a lot if you do.

treasure trove

When it comes to relationships with our children, we look for happiness in the little moments. Even being there for them along the way and making small investments turns into something big. The seeds you sow in your children grow into healthy relationships with others.

My son and stepson couldn’t be more different. Although they are adults, the elder brother always talks about how he should take care of his younger brother. These young men were not born to each other as siblings, but they have Chosen to love each other

This shows me that if you take the time to nurture and strengthen relationships, even if it’s through small things over time, those relationships with others can be beneficial for those around you. There can be motivation to form similar, strong bonds. This can happen in your home and workplace and for this both the environment will be better.

Try to show your employees how much they mean to you in small ways throughout the week. Walk around the office and chat with your employees about something unrelated to work. If you have remote employees, pick up the phone and check in with them so they know you care. Invite those in the office to lunch, and send appreciation letters or gift baskets to remote workers so they feel valued.

Once you nurture your working relationships and build them up through the smallest of things, you’ll notice that others are following your lead. When everyone is looking out for everyone like my sons do for each other, a closer community will form. You might even get a little taste of home when you enter the office.

remember that mixed is brilliant

These days, it really is a mixed world, and my family proves that relationships within blended families have an amazing power of their own. Sharing families means sharing knowledge and experiences and because of that, becoming a better person. There’s a five-year gap between my daughter and step-daughter, and they’re about to become mothers with only nine months between them. It’s beautiful to see the younger of the two, who was her son earlier, giving advice to her older sister just because she wants to help.

Blended families bring strangers together so that they can find new ways to experience love. This is true in the workplace as well. The more you open yourself up to a community full of strangers from different backgrounds and experiences, the more you will find that these strangers can have a huge impact on your life, both personally and professionally. When everyone comes together and works as a family, bringing their own unique gifts to the table, while acknowledging everyone else, you’ll be amazed at how much can be accomplished.

Because of my relationships with my children, I can empathize better with my employees as mothers and fathers who give me their time, which could be spent on something more important – family. Presumably, they also worry that they’ll need to choose one or the other or risk never being right, but I say don’t be so hard on yourself. Life is always going to be bumpy, but when you let the world collide, you really can have it all.