The release of ‘Doon’ on HBO Max may be delayed in favor of a cinema premiere

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    Allegedly a hybrid release is far from a done deal

    Dune HBO may premiere in theaters instead of a simultaneous proposed release on Max.

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    Reports say that the film’s production company, Legendary Entertainment, has yet to release Denis Villanuev’s sci-fi epic in theaters with Warner Bros. and HBO’s streamer on the same day (October 1, 2021).

    time limit Writes that the success of Legendary’s other film with Warner Bros., Godzilla vs Kang, “Makes an explicit argument in a mythological dialogue with Warner to strictly keep that all-star sci-fi film in theaters”. this weekend Godzilla vs Kang Scored a new epidemic box office record by scoring the biggest US opening weekend in a year – $ 48.5 million (£ 35m) – when it was released simultaneously in theaters and on streamers.

    Villanueve himself has spoken out against the idea of ​​a high-end release. Last December, the Dune The director said that Warner Bros. has “killed the franchise” by its proposals. In an op-ed he explained his fears that HBO Max’s move would directly affect the film’s chances of success. “Streaming can provide great content, but not movies DuneHe said that there is scope and scale.

    Timothy Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson ‘Doon’ Credit: Warner Bros.

    And earlier this month, Kyle McLachman, who starred in David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation, said it was “ominous” to think that Villainiew’s version would clash with the streaming service when it was designed for the “big screen”.

    Christopher Nolan also criticized the decision last year. In an interview with And, To theory The writer and director called the move “very, very, very messy”, targeting his criticism over the clarity of the announcement.

    “There’s such controversy there because they didn’t tell anyone,” he said. “In 2021, he’s got some of the world’s top filmmakers, he’s got some of the biggest stars in the world, who worked in these projects for a few years, which are very close to his heart. -Screen Experience

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