‘The Silence of the Lambs’: Jodi Foster Net Worth and How She became famous

    Jodie Foster is best known for acting the silence of the Lambs Clarice Starling as. Let’s take a look at Foster’s net worth, career, and how she became famous.

    Jodie Foster’s rise to fame

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    One of Foster’s early roles was in the 1969 episode Doris day show. The following year, she appeared in two episodes Magic World of Disney In which she played the role of Sullen Mackiver. In 1972, Foster voiced Anne Chan’s character in the animated series The Amazing Chain and the Chain Clan.

    Foster got a big break after acting in the 1988 film The accused. She Played the role of Sarah Tobias. Two years later, she acted Catch fire, In which she played the role of Anne Benton. Foster’s career continued to grow after acting in the 1991 film the silence of the Lambs With Anthony Hopkins. His other films include Nail (1994), Contact (1997), and panic Room (2002).

    Jodie Foster Movies

    Foster’s highest grossing film so far is the 2013 film. Nandan, Grossing $ 286.1 million at the worldwide box office. It includes $ 93 million at the domestic box office and $ 193.1 million internationally.

    Foster’s other high-grossing films include the silence of the Lambs, With worldwide box office earnings of $ 275.7 million; Airplane planning, With $ 214.3 million in worldwide box office earnings; And panic Room, With $ 196.3 million in worldwide earnings.

    A new ‘Silence of the Lambs’ series

    the silence of the Lambs A reboot was received earlier this month on CBS, titled Clarice. Series stars pretty Little Liars Actor Rebecca Breeds. The new show features Michelle Kudlitz as Paul Kreindler, Lucca D’Olivera as Tomas Esquivel, Kal Penn as Emin Grigorian, Nick Sando as Murray Clarke, Deville Tyler as Adelia Mapp, Marnie as Catherine Martin Carpenter.

    Breeds says he enjoyed playing Foster’s character in the TV show. “I like that [Clarice] Not strong because she renounces her femininity for masculinity, but she is strong within her femininity, ” They say Breeds during a CBS interview. “This is what makes him strong.”

    Jody Foster’s work outside of acting

    Jodi Foster |  Axel / bauer-griffin / filmmagic
    Jodi Foster | Axel / bauer-griffin / filmmagic

    Foster has participated in many projects outside of acting. She He also has credits as a producer and director. Foster made his directorial debut with the 1985 segment of the video Stephen King’s Golden Tales Titled “Do not open this box”.

    In 1991, Foster directed his first film, titled Little man tate. His other directing projects include home for the holidays (1995), Money monster (2016), and the 2017 episode black Mirror Titled “Arkangel”.

    Foster began his production with the 1985 film mesmerized. In 1994, he produced the film Nail. Her other productions include The baby dance (nineteen ninety eight), walking the Dead (2000), Dangerous Biographies of Altar Boys (2002), and Brave man (2007).

    Jodie Foster’s net worth

    As of this writing, Foster’s estimated net worth is $ 100 million Celebrity net worth.

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