‘The Sims 4’s’ first free SDX content is available to download

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With more SDX updates on the way

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sims 4 The first SDX update, or Sims Delivery Express, brings with it a whole new hairstyle.

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Maxis details the upcoming new micro-update sims 4 in the back October, They are small updates, designed to bring more frequent updates to the game. Examples given at the time included a new build mode or a sim content build, or minor game fixes that didn’t require a full game update to be delivered. The first SDX update includes a single hairstyle, so there’s definitely something minor, but the free stuff is free stuff.

when you boot you will see sims 4 That will be a notification letting you know about SDX updates. Then, once you’ve done a quick download, you’ll restart the game, which will add new content to the game. This first update is available to download now. If you’re thinking you might want more, that’s okay too, because there’s a small collection of holiday-themed items arriving next week. You can expect more frequent updates sims 4 Thanks to the SDX system is now in place.


The Sims 4. Credits: Maxis/EA

Recently, Maxis announced that a number of fan-favorite NPCs would be getting changes, giving them a handful of changes. Characters like Bella Goth are getting skin tone changes to better reflect their earlier appearances, with characters like Dinah and Nina Caliente getting the same treatment. Now you can experience the scenarios sims 4, a game mode meant to add some challenge to the game. Think fan challenges like the 100 Baby Challenge, but built directly into the experience.

All sims 4 SDX updates will be available across PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox, and will always be free, but PlayStation and Xbox players will need to link their console account to their EA account in order to use SDX.

In other news, Sony has a patent for a player-influenced gaming environment, as you can see in death stranding Accepted.

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