‘The Social Network’: Andrew Garfield Had an ‘Altercation’ at a Golden Globes Party Because He Was Still in Character

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Many fans wonder: Do actors bring their work home with them? What’s it like to get in and out of character? Andrew Garfield says he picks and chooses to bring his work home with him. But he certainly doesn’t always make the right call. In a recent interview while promoting his upcoming film Tammy Faye eyes, Garfield reveals he stayed in character for a weekend during filming Social Networks. And as a result they had a “quarrel” at the Golden Globes party.

Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg of ‘The Social Network’ | Anita Budge/WireImage

Andrew Garfield’s ‘The Social Network’ experience was intense

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filming for Social Networks Started in October 2009 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Garfield played Eduardo Saverin opposite Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg. Saverin and Zuckerberg were close friends in college when they created Facebook. Social Networks It depicts the true story of how they went from associates and friends on Saverin to suing Zuckerberg for millions.

Social Networks It was directed by David Fincher with a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. Fincher is known for having his actors film countless scenes, which make for a difficult filming process. in an interview with collider, Garfield said that Fincher’s direction brought out strong acting as well as intense Social Networks mould.


Garfield shared, “One thing I understand why he charges such an amount is that he’s getting actors so the actors forget they’re being filmed.”

While Garfield enjoyed Fincher’s directing style, he admitted that it was exhausting. His “Lawyer Up” Scene Social Networks The film took 40 takes. Garfield said he felt an athlete going through a tough game on this day of filming. But one day when the cameras wrapped, Garfield decided to bring Eduardo home with him (as a metaphor).

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Andrew Garfield attended the Golden Globes party during the shooting of ‘The Social Network’.

Garfield told Collider about a scene he shared with Justin Timberlake, who played Napster creator Sean Parker, who eventually joined Facebook. Eduardo and Sean did not get along, both in real life and in film. One of the scenes depicting this enmity was filmed for several days with a weekend break in between.

It was then that Garfield chose to stay in character outside of work. Meaning Eduardo died in anger for several days for the scene. the amazing Spider Man The actor happened to attend a Golden Globes party the same weekend. And he says it wasn’t his best idea. He said:

“When I was doing Social Networks, We were shooting the scene where I come to Palo Alto and I get drenched in the rain. Justin’s character, Sean Parker, answers the door, and I am very surprised to see him. I’m not so happy to see him, and I walk in, and there’s a fight between me and Jesse.

We’re halfway through that scene on Friday, and we hadn’t done our coverage yet. And I had the weekend to stew, and I decided to just be in it. It might not have been a good decision, because I went to a couple… It was the Golden Globes that weekend or something. So I went to some pre-Golden Globe parties or something. I think I got into an argument with some people with whom I shouldn’t have got into an argument. And I’m not going to name names, but that’s for a personal story I’ll ever tell you. “

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What Did ‘The Social Network’ Teach Andrew Garfield?

Garfield then learned to be more careful about mixing feelings of work into his personal life.

“Sometimes it’s useful to have it, and sometimes, it’s very important to leave it,” he said.

Social Networks Received eight Oscar nominations, winning three of them. Many fans believe that Garfield was denied a nomination for his performance. Despite the swindle, his scenes in Social Networks Stay tuned for some of the most memorable of the film. one in buzzfeed In the “Thirst Tweets” video, the actor joked about the legacy of his “Lawyer Up” line.

“I wish Andrew Garfield whispered ‘better lawyer, a**hole’ in my ear,” tweeted one fan.

“If I can’t make money in other ways, I’ll charge people with whispering in their ear, ‘You better lawyer, a**hole,'” Garfield teased. “It’s a good side gig.”

We will keep an eye on his cameo account.

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