The tell-tale signs that exposed Russell Bishop as Babes in the Wood killer

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Chilling footage shows how Babes in the Woods killer Russell Bishop exposes himself as a child murderer 32 years before his sentencing, with “blinks of quickness”.

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In 1986, nine-year-old friends Nicola Fellowes and Karen Hadaway were found strangled in Wild Park near Brighton—just half a mile from their homes.

Russell Bishop exonerated his guilt 32 years before his conviction in a TV interviewcredit: Discovery+
Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellowes were killed in Brighton in 1986

Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellowes were killed in Brighton in 1986

But Bishop escaped justice for 32 years after being controversially acquitted of double murder in 1987.


After the clean up the monster started preaching – warnings of the double baby killer were still at large.

He vowed to “keep fighting” in ill-fated TV interviews, claiming that this test would be with him for the rest of his life.

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Satan then attempted to kidnap and strangle a seven-year-old girl, leaving her dead at Devil’s Dyke, north of Brighton.

The documentary Faking It, on Discovery+ has now discovered clues to the statements that exposed Bishop’s guilt in a 1987 TV interview when he was cleared.

The child’s killer claimed he had “nothing to hide” but experts have revealed that this was not the case when asked if he had been in contact with Nicola’s father.

Bishop knew the girls’ families and, becoming ill, tried to suspect Nicola’s father, Barry Fellowes.

Despite giving a calm reply – claiming it was for her to talk to her family – her breath paints a different picture.

Body language expert Cliff Lansley says: “There is a concern that lies beneath the surface and this is indicated by an increase in blink breaks.

“That means he’s thinking harder, because blinking, when it increases the rate, is a sign of cognitive load.

“If we also look at his chest, we see an increase in upper chest breathing. Normally, when we’re relaxed, we breathe from the belly. That’s why on a polygraph, they have two There are bandages, one of them around the abdomen and one around the chest.And so they can determine if the breath changes to the upper chest, indicating anxiety.

“Now, we don’t need the polygraph, because, we can see that breathing from the chest here, above and below his clothes.

“So, with rapid blinking and upper chest breathing, we can be fairly confident that anxiety has escalated at this point.”

Police investigate 1986 deaths

Police investigate 1986 deathscredit: PA: Press Association
Bishops engaged in search of schoolgirls

Bishops engaged in search of schoolgirlsCredits: Newsgroup Newspapers Ltd.

Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows, both nine, were afraid of the dark and spoke of a “bogeyman” in the park when they disappeared on October 9, 1986.

The pair went to buy chips and then made their way to Wild Park – part of the South Downs – half a mile from their homes where they played until the evening.

They are discovered the next day in a woodland den, with Karen lying in Nicola with her head on her friend’s lap and their hands close together.

The post-mortem results showed that both Karen and Nicola had bruises on their bodies and were strangled to death.

Their underwear was either removed or replaced and there was evidence that they were both sexually assaulted.

Karen would lose consciousness but death does not happen immediately.

It appears that Nicola was “punched” in the cheek and there was evidence that she was sexually assaulted while she was alive and after she died.

The bishop later told a neighbor that seeing them lay facing each other was a sight he would never forget.

And he gave a painful description of the murder scene that only the killer could know—including how one of the girls had foam around his mouth.

Bishop was seen rising in anger in his police interview in 2016

Bishop was seen rising in anger in his police interview in 2016credit: Discovery+
The killer was told that the police had DNA evidence linking him to the crime

The killer was told that the police had DNA evidence linking him to the crimecredit: Discovery+
He was trapped by the DNA on the blue jumper decades later

He was trapped by the DNA on the blue jumper decades latercredit: PA: Press Association

In 2016, while serving a life sentence in prison for the horrific assault on a seven-year-old girl, he was questioned on Babes in the Wood murders following DNA breakthroughs.

The documentary shows how Bishop failed to hide his anger despite repeatedly telling his lawyer to “keep calm”.

Cliff Lansley says: “He’s boiling. And how do we know that? One of the by-products of anger is muscle tension and fistulae, and we see that here with a double clench where he’s holding his hands.” squeezes tightly.”

Bishop can be seen quickly opening his fist as he realizes “I have to be careful here”.

Police learn that a blue pinto jumper found near the scene suggests it was a “one-in-a-billion” DNA match for him.

But when asked why his DNA was found on Karen, he gets angry again and protests his innocence before telling the police: “Okay, you’ve got the answer, so write it down and Then go ahead, please.”

Cliff Lansley says: “We also get a little nod when he says ‘No.’ This is a contradiction.

“And the greatest gift is a one-sided shoulder shrug, which leaks the idea that he has no confidence and no connection to the positive statement he’s making.

“Because the hands will be outstretched throughout its range, both shoulders will lift up and sometimes the mouth will bow down, like ‘This is bullshit, I don’t trust what I’m saying. It’s a lie.’

“We see it bubble up from a shoulder. So, his words are claiming you got the answer ‘I didn’t touch him,’ but his body is screaming ‘yes he did’.”

Bishop was tried for the second time in 2018 after changes to the double jeopardy law.

He was eventually convicted of the murders of Nicola and Karen by jurors and held captive until at least 2054 when he was 88 years old.

Bishop is now told that he is dying of brain cancer in prison and may only have a few weeks to live.

  • The brand new Faking It series airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. on Quest Red, or streams now on Discovery+.
Bishop was finally convicted in 2018

Bishop was finally convicted in 2018
Nicola Fellowes was murdered by Russell Bishop

Nicola Fellowes was murdered by Russell Bishopcredit: Alamy
Bishop is also serving a sentence for the murder of Karen Hadaway

Bishop is also serving a sentence for the murder of Karen Hadawaycredit: Alamy

Babes Russell Bishop in Tell-Tale Hints Wood Killer Left Him After Killing Two Kids

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