‘The Umbrella Academy’ actor Justin H. Min made a revealing debut at rival Sparrow Academy

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    (For SPOILERS Umbrella Academy Will be found below.)

    Ben is not dead? Umbrella Academy Carrying that revelation and moving into Season 3 with it. Fans will recall that Season 2 filled itself with twists, including a literal twist dance and several surprising plot points. It also included a finale that revealed that Sir Reginald Hargreaves had kept himself busy (and not well), another episode of the superpowered offspring, which would be collectively known as Sparrow Academy. Season 3 was to be expected of the warring academies, and then added that the very dead Ben (whose ghost also eventually left the building) is alive once again, but he is one Different Ben in 1960’s Dallas.

    Netflix previously revealed that within Sparrow Academy, Justin L. Min would not be the new, sweet version of Ben, who would be a leader, not a follower. On Monday, Min indicated on Twitter that the sh * t was about to get real: “Let the game begin.” (Oh, I’m sure Klaus would have wished he was still being haunted by old Ben when all this is happening.) Min also tweeted his new co-stars at first glance:

    Those co-stars include Kazi David (who recently made headlines for her memoir and her daughter curb Your Enthusiasm Star Larry David), with Justin Cornwell, Britney Oldford and Jake Epstein. There will also be an “existential fear-inducing Psykronium cube” that will depict a sparrow.

    Umbrella Academy The Twitter account confirmed the presence of this group of bullies.

    Of course, we’ll also see Ozzy siblings for season 3. It certainly includes Vanya as Elliot Page, as well as Robert Sheehan getting re-cowered as Klaus, and the rest of the Hargreave brother actors: Tom Hooper, David Castaneda, Amy Raver-Lampman, Robert Shehan and Aidan Gallagher. Production on the Netflix series begins in February in Canada.


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