The Unanswered ‘Jeopardy!’ Question: Who’s the New Host?

angel – Danger! A host was needed, and Lucille Ball had a spirited suggestion for producer Merv Griffin: high rollers game show.

That was 1984. Decades later, filling the void left by the late Alex Trebek has involved sophisticated research and a parade of guest hosts doing their best to impress audiences and studios, starting with the new season later this summer. Expect to call earlier.

Think of Sony Pictures Television as Catching a Rose, and Mayim Bialik, Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric and Jopardi! Champs Ken Jennings and Buzzy Cohen are among the contenders so far, including Robin Roberts, Dr Sanjay Gupta and LeVar Burton.

Executive producer Mike Richards said, “Sony has “the strongest team of people I’ve ever seen watching it and analyzing it in a very mind-blowing manner,” said executive producer Mike Richards. There is real change.”

“It’s usually been a gut instinct of the chief executive: ‘How about that person? Richards said.

That was the approach of producer-entertainer Griffin when he came up with a syndicated version of Danger! On TV in 1979 on NBC, five years after the last network iteration of the quiz show. a word from the ball, of I love Lucy Fame, and Trebek’s skill and experience sealed his hire.

Audience and critical respect for the Canadian-born Trebek has grown over the years, seeking a worthy replacement for both the respect for the late host and a means of protecting corporate assets. While the ratings have shifted under guest hosts, Danger! It is one of the top ranked syndicated programs in viewership.

‘Ideal of Perfection’

Case Western Reserve University professor Deepak Sarma said Trebek helped create the show’s “demonstration of excellence with his own excellence. And it’s extremely difficult to find someone to replace him, and not just because of his position in the American imagination.” ” and Netflix Cultural Advisor. “Whoever is going to take his position will in the end be judged against this model of perfection.”

Game show hosts of Trebek’s era were usually veterans of radio and TV broadcasting who were steeped in the genre, and were almost always white people. in the middle Danger! The subs are men and women of color and prospects from various fields, including NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The approach makes sense for Louis Vertel, a longtime fan whose vantage point is informed by writing for a game show (match game) and are competing Danger! in 2015.

“It’s great to see all these different fill-ins. I’m open to suggestions, and I think most people are,” said Vertel, a Jimmy Kimmel Live! author and co-host keep this podcast. “Danger! is a unique show of its kind, and the replacements should be tailored to the game.”

what makes good Danger! host?

“I think establishing a sense of comfort (so) the spectators is at ease in the game,” Vertel said. “Also the sense of the stakes, that a real tough game is being played. It’s called Danger! for a reason. The host is there to make sure we are all on our toes.”

Tryouts are an unusually public form of audition that can cause flop sweats, even for veteran Emmys. for actor balik blossom, big bang theory and call me bite, the job demands were somehow crowded in nerves – and he’s a neuroscientist.

“When you’re at that level there’s little room in a hosting job to not be 100% dialed in,” Bialik said in an email. It turned out to be the most “happy, challenging, excellent job” I’ve ever done—second only to giving birth to my second son on my living room floor.

response possible

Back in the day, there were a handful of pioneers like Betty White, the first female game show host to win a Daytime Emmy (for 1983). Men only!), and Adam Wade, a black singer who hosted the 1975 game show musical chairs. Wayne Brady, Steve Harvey and Meredith Vieira are among those who made further inroads, only with increasing pressure on the entertainment industry to reflect America more widely on screen.

But women and others for the right like Trebek are not usually seen in such roles, Sarma said.

“Expectations from a person of color in a position of leadership are generally higher than the expectations placed on a white person in a position of power,” he said, and jumps at any error or “the slightest movement against the norm.” .. as some blatant mistake.”

The reaction from those angry may be that Trebek hasn’t been replaced like-for-like, which Sarma said is not a far-fetched figure in this age of social strife.

“Sony is in a pickle,” he said.

Series creator Richards, the second provisional host since Trebek’s death at age 80 from pancreatic cancer, takes an optimistic view despite the potential for online trolls and whatever his gripes about the newbie.

“My hope is that whoever is chosen will be given a chance to prove why they were chosen, without being too stagnant,” he said. “Ultimately, we’re trying to offer the best products we can to our fans. This puts your focus on a very good North Star, in contrast to, ‘What is the internet going to say?'”

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