The ‘Vandavision’ producer explains why Ivan Peters was chosen as Pietro

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    “We did some research on grief”

    Vandavision Producer Jack Scheffer has revealed why Evan Peters was chosen as Wanda’s brother, Pietro, in the Marvel-Disney + series.

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    Jack Schaffer said in a new interview that Peters, who portrayed Pietro / QuickSilver X Men And The avengers Franchises made sense of casting because of their identity.

    Pietro dies Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Shaffer told The Empire Film Podcast Behind the casting of Peterson was the discovery of the loss of his superhero drama.

    “We came a condolence counselor [writers] The room, and we did some research on grief, and a lot about how people remember their faces. “

    “The worry of not remembering the faces of our loved ones, misconstrued, or actively misconstruing things as a self-preservation strategy – it all became attractive to us, and we thought that by Evan Casting [Peters] In the role, it will not only have an impact on Wanda, but it will also be a meta layer for the audience. “

    ‘Vandavision Episode Nine is now streaming on Disney +. Credit: Marvel Studios

    WandaVision wrapped its first season last month on Disney +. NME ‘S. Paul Bradshaw wrote in a replay feature: “Nine episodes down, the show ends with a satisfying conclusion and a lot of questions – not to mention the two end-credit stings that set up the next chapter. Monica is singled out by a skirl. Was done and asked to go to space to see “an old friend of his mother’s”. Captain Marvel 2) Belongs to.

    “Wanda shows up in an inaccessible cabin (possibly the Vundagor Mountains?) Studying Dark Darkhold. White Vision is still out there, angry and devoid of any emotion. And one of the best things we all know. Missing what Marvel ever made – now waiting Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness To see what happens next. “

    Katherine Hahn has also stated that she wants to show Agatha Harkness again in another project.

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