‘The View’: Meghan McCain calls for Boycott of 2022 Beijing Olympics

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    Meghan McCain gave an emotional rent View This week, and urged Americans to boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics. The conservative co-hosts went on an epic speech where they noted the upheaval in China. His call to exit the sporting event was correct, preceded by a strange incident involving Whoppy Goldberg.

    Meghan McCain | Greg Andries / Bravo

    Meghan McCain gives an emotional speech

    If there is one thing to admire about McCain, she is a woman of conviction. She The one she loves and rides for that idea, no matter how many people she is against. On View The episode, which aired on Monday, April 5, took the women on a boycott of Georgia after the bill prohibited voting.

    McCain was contrary to the argument, as always, because he did not think of the bill restricting minorities as the mainstream media was reporting.

    “It’s just factually incorrect and it’s really weird to talk about because there are so many facts that are completely wrong,” she said.

    McCain then suggested that if people were okay with the boycott, they should also be asked to boycott the upcoming Winter Olympics in China. It is alleged that the government misbehaves against Uygar, Tibetans and Hong Kong residents.

    McCain said, “This is a war of culture that is at its very base level and it only wants to divide us even further.” If we are going to do this moral equivalence with the Biden administration on a scale, you Need to come out today and say that you are boycotting the Beijing Olympics because there is a mass massacre going on. And we have nothing to say about this and we are still going to the Olympics where mass genocide is happening but We are going to boycott everything in the state of Georgia. It is ridiculous, the American public is not stupid and it is just a sign that is across the board and it is like Republicans and Democrats or not. “

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    There is a strange exchange between Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain

    McCain’s call to boycott the Olympics in China was followed by his rant. The Republican co-host cut the middle sentence when Goldberg was upset by what McCain had said.

    “They know that … oh for the frog’s feet …” Goldberg is heard saying, which completely throws McCain away.

    “Forgive me?” McCain asked confused.

    “What are you doing?” Goldberg asked confused McCain.

    “Yes, yes, sorry, okay ….”, McCain said before Goldberg examined the fact.

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    The moment went viral on social media as McCain’s response was hilarious as he did not know what was going on. “Frog’s feet” became a trending topic on Twitter as people shared the clip. It is not for nothing that the moment was edited for the West Coast broadcast, which airs at a time delay.

    ABC cut a bit out of on-demand for Hulu and their social media platforms. Neither Goldberg nor McCain acknowledged the incident to air.

    View Aired on weekdays at 11 am ET and 10 pm PT / CT on ABC.

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