Theresa May blasts holidays ban despite world-beating vaccine rollout

Theresa May has dismissed the UK’s “incomprehensible” holiday ban despite the UK’s world-beating vaccine rollout.

The former prime minister’s criticism comes after Portugal was left out of the UK’s Green List, causing panic for the holidays.

May criticized the government’s handling of the visit during a parliamentary debate on the aviation sectorcredit:
He believes the UK is 'falling behind' because of its harsh travel restrictions

He believes the UK is ‘falling behind’ because of its harsh travel restrictionscredit: EPA


Now only 11 countries are on the Green List, although most of them require mandatory quarantine on arrival or have their borders closed to Britons.

This is despite the fact that a total of 69,743,980 people in the UK have received their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

And earlier this week a record one million jobs were booked by youth seeking to get life back to normal.

Now May has warned that the UK is “closed for business” and is “falling behind” in the EU.

She even questioned whether the government wants a UK aviation sector in the future “because at the rate it is going, it will not have one”.

UK vaccine rollout has been hugely successful

UK vaccine rollout has been hugely successfulcredit: Mercury
May says Britain is going backward, not forward

May says Britain is going backward, not forwardcredit:

During a parliamentary debate on the aviation sector she said: “A year ahead we are not ahead, in fact we have a devastated industry, jobs are lost and the global UK is closed for business.

“More than not moving forward, we have gone backwards.

“We now have over 50 percent of the adult population vaccinated – an amazing program – yet we are more restricted on travel than we were last year.

“In 2020, I went to Switzerland in August, South Korea in September, there was no vaccine and travel was possible – this year there is a vaccine, travel is not possible.

“I really don’t understand the government’s stand.”

Portugal has been removed from the Green List

Portugal has been removed from the Green ListCredits: © Graham Hunt

She continued: “It is inconceivable that one of the most vaccinated countries in the world is the one that is most reluctant to give its citizens the freedoms that support those vaccinations.”

Britons have already faced travel chaos after Portugal was dropped on short notice, one of the few countries on Britain’s Green List.

Frantic holidaymakers were forced to cut their trips back to the UK to escape quarantine restrictions, which saw flights slashing prices by £800.

The UK government has already warned Britons to avoid an overseas holiday this summer and travel to countries on the Amber List is not advised.

Environment Secretary George Eustice said Britons should stay home this summer as the spread of the Indian version ruined plans to reopen travel.

May also criticized the government, saying they needed to “be ahead with the British people” regarding the decision to lift the lockdown on 21 June.

She said: “We will not eradicate Covid-19 from the UK. There will never be a time when we can say that there will never be another case of COVID-19 in this country… Sadly, people will die from Covid here in the UK in the future, as will 10,000 to 20,000 people each year from the flu. We do. “

May’s remarks came as Boris Johnson and President Biden met a day before the G7 meeting of world leaders in Cornwall.

During their meeting, the US President agreed to launch a task force to explore ways to open the Trans-Atlantic Air Corridor.

UK holidays could be turned away from Portugal after May 17 due to EU travel ban

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