Bowles is the luxury RV company you probably don’t know about, but it’s been around as long as the Chevrolet Suburban—since 1934. The first of its travel trailers was built that year by company founder Holly Bowles who is most notable for being the aerospace engineer and designer behind Spirit of St. Louis, which was flown by Charles Lindbergh on the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight in 1927. .

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Unlike the Suburban, Bowlus travel trailers ceased to be manufactured in 1936 after Airstream founder Wally Byams adopted the design for that company’s campers.


Inspired by “the one that was copied by all others” Geneva Long and her family found a vintage Boulus years ago and took it on a “remarkable” journey. He told me Granthshala That “so many people loved what it was.”

In 2014, Long and his family revived the brand and the design of the trailer as a modern luxury vessel, complete with advanced technology for the first time in the industry.

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“We went about redesigning the Bowles,” Long explained. Granthshala. Leading the conversation to discuss the company’s sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices, Long explains, “It still has everything its ancestors had,” she says, with a “hardcore attention to detail.” selected and installed.

Bowlus Alclad 2024 makes good use of T3 aluminum, a material that has to be polished for decades before being replaced. The two types of wood that appear in the Boulus model are fast-growing trees native to Italy and FSC-certified raw materials.

No glue is used in the manufacture of trailers. The floors are covered with a low VOC certified Resilient-Vinyl product and the seating is a PVC-free, low VOC polyurethane product. All beds are organic.

While the aircraft-grade rivets of trailers are a throwback to a simpler time, over the past half decade when it comes to travel trailer technology, Bowles has consistently pushed the envelope. The company was the first to install heated floors in a travel trailer, the first direct-to-consumer model in the RV market, and the first lithium-powered product to be marketed.

Incorporating these materials and details into a vintage travel feel went hand-in-hand with adding back the model’s design. The company’s most high-end travel trailer, the Terra Firma, works to seamlessly merge technology and craftsmanship by hiding features in plain sight.

The model has remote temperature monitoring capability, which allows owners to know that pets traveling with them are protected from extreme temperatures. There’s food bowls, a Smart Brake controller that connects via Bluetooth, touch screen power management, GPS tracking capability, and a water filtration system.

Long proud to be the captain of a ship with a product that allows for extended work from home possibilities. “We always have clients who want to blur that work/life balance,” she said Granthshala. With a Bowlus on-board technology, “they can still create that Zoom meeting” which “gives owners and future owners all the more reason to define what ‘out of the office’ really means.” Is.”

Lightweight Bowlus travel trailers can be towed by a wide variety of vehicles, unlike their heavier competition. “One of our reasons for the lightweight design is that it opens the Bowlus up to a wide variety of tow vehicles, including luxury crossovers and electric vehicles,” Long said. “We’ve been seeing EV owners towing our Bowles for five years.” This includes Tesla Model X owners who can get up to a 175-200-mile range when the trailer is attached, according to Long.

The ability to tow on the range comes down to the fact that Bowlus RVs are shaped differently than more traditional, boxy models. Long says handling is “great” when the Bowlus trailer is attached because “you don’t have a flat surface area against which the wind blows” and the trailer is the same width as a standard vehicle.

Longtime campers call this “the great little secret of luxury land travel,” but the secret is getting out. There is an ongoing waiting list for the products, which can be highly customized based on the wishes of the buyer.

The entry model in the Bowlus lineup is the Endless Highway Edition luxury performance RV. It comes in at $215,000. The high-end Bowlus Endless Highway Performance Edition will set a buyer back at least $240,000. The Bowles tops its line with terra firma, which starts at $265,000.