These are the best new Nintendo Switch games we’re expecting to see in 2022

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The Nintendo Switch has seen a healthy library of first and third-party games since its release in 2017, and even when it has been technically outperformed by Xbox and PlayStation consoles, its Software is hard to beat.

super mario odyssey, metroid dread and of course, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild There have been entries that have defined the genre, and there are even more titles waiting to be released in 2022.

The recent follow-up release of the Switch Lite and Switch OLED models also means there are more ways to enjoy Nintendo titles on the go, whether you’re looking for a slightly more compact or brighter display for each system, respectively.

The immense popularity of the console is matched only by the quality of these games. And since the Nintendo eShop is extremely active for game developers of all sizes, there’s a healthy choice of games at a variety of prices.

In this list, we’ll keep you updated with all of our anticipated games that have been confirmed to launch on Switch in 2022 and will add new entries as they are announced.

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