‘They train like champions’ – Derek Brunson reveals two UFC fighters who stand out in training

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    UFC middleweight Derek Brunson has trained with many fighters throughout his long MMA career. The North Carolina native has been a part of many fighting camps and there is no doubt about who he thinks hordes of elite MMA fighters stand among the horizon.

    In a recent issue of The Shmozone Podcast, Derek Bronson told hosts Helen Yee and The Shmo that John Jones and Kamaru Usman are two fighters who train like real champions and actually stand at the gym comfortably.

    “It’s ridiculous. I’ve trained with many UFC champions, many top level athletes with my time in the game and the people who really stood out were Kamru Osman and John Jones. John Jones, for all that stuff He does it outside. Cage but when he is in the gym and when he is focused … you want to talk about the work that someone puts in the gym … It is unmatched. I am fine with Osman. I see the same thing. He Comes to receive his training and he arrives 20–30 minutes earlier and stays 20–30 minutes later. So they are two people who really differentiate themselves and actually train like champions. I trained with GSP and a lot of other people, but those two people were definitely different, ”said Derek Brunson.

    Included among the greatest MMA fighters of all time, John Jones and Kamru Osman have been major champions in the light heavyweight and welterweight divisions, respectively. Both men have essentially cleaned up their entire divisions during their respective title reigns.

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    Welterweight champion Kamaru Osman formerly trained at Sanford MMA, the gym that calls Derek Brunson home. After the entry of his teammate Gilbert Burns into the welterweight title photo put the two in a collision situation, Osman left the gym in Denver, Colorado to train with famed coach Trevor Wittmann.

    Talking about Kamaru Usman’s possible return to the fight camp now that the beef between him and Burns has been broken, Derek Brunson expressed his desire to see the Nigerian nightmare back at the gym in a brief answer.

    “I wouldn’t mind it,” Derek Brunson said.

    Derek Brunson intends to end another promotional train in his next fight

    Long considered a gatekeeper in the middleweight division of the UFC, Derek Brunson has seen mixed success in the UFC, while maintaining a steady position in the top-half of the top ten in the rankings. But following his move to Sanford MMA, the resurgent veteran has stopped many up-and-comers on track, including Glendale Fighting Club standout, Edman Shahbazan.

    Determined to fight Kevin Holland at No. 10 on UFC Fight Night 188 on March 20, 2021, Derek Brunson intends to end the hype generated by Holland’s five-fight win streak in 2020.

    “They are promoting all the trains … in terms of the fans rallying behind them. I think Shahbazan was a bit skilled and a better overall fighter. But Kevin Holland is convinced right now. He is doing what he does. trust him. He Thinks he might be a champion which I’m sure Edman did as well. Beatty said my job is to go out there and put all those thoughts and dreams away or at least postpone them, ”said Derek Brunson.

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    Published 18 February 2021 08:20 AM IST

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