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Granthshala News contributor Mark Thiessen slams the Biden administration over it “The Brian Kilmeade Show” said on Tuesday that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was an “absolute ridicule”. Thiessen continued by arguing that the Biden administration wanted 9/11 to end the Afghanistan War as a “political recourse,” and that it ultimately caused many Americans and American allies to become stranded in the war-torn nation.

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Mark Thiessen: Joe Biden wanted to use the anniversary of 9/11 as a political prop. He wanted to take the holy day and turn it into a day where he could declare victory to end America’s longest war on the day it began. As a result, he betrayed hundreds of Americans who were left behind, thousands of American permanent residents who were left behind, and thousands of Afghan allies.

It looks like we not only outpaced the Afghan allies, but killed one of them along the way with that incompetent drone strike. When this happened we still had a CIA base in Kabul. We had Eagle’s Nest CIA base. We had intelligence boots on the ground to oversee that operation. How do we know who the enemy is and not thousands of miles away in a land-locked country where the only way to fly is through Iran or Pakistan with no intelligence on the ground? This is an absolute ridicule.

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