Third accuser says Maxwell groped her and arranged sexualised massages

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A New York court said Tuesday that Ghislaine Maxwell held a naked 14-year-old girl after describing her as a “great body type” for Jeffrey Epstein.

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A third accuser took the stand Tuesday in Ms Maxwell’s minor sex-trafficking trial, using only her first name, Carolyn.

She testified that she gave Epstein more than 100 sexual massages at her Palm Beach estate when she was introduced through Virginia Roberts-Giffre when she was about 14.


Carolyn said that after visiting Epstein two to three times a week for nearly four years, she stopped visiting after the birth of her first child at age 18.

When she went back to the Palm Beach property, Epstein asked if she had any younger friends.

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“I said ‘no’, and that’s when I realized I was too old.” She said that her tour of the property suddenly stopped.

Carolyn described a prior encounter with Ms. Maxwell in the massage room at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion at El Brillo Way.

“She came in and felt my boobs, my hips, and my buttocks, and said that … I had a good body for Mr. Epstein and his friends. She said I had a great body type.”

“Who?” Prosecutor Maureen Comey asked.

“Maxwell,” replied Caroline, explaining that she always referred to the socialite by her last name because she couldn’t pronounce Ghislaine.

She said she continued to move back to the mansion because she was younger and that $300 was “a lot of money.”

When asked to identify Epstein from a photograph, Caroline’s voice exploded.

Ms Maxwell, 59, faces six charges; Three counts of conspiracy to entice a minor to travel to engage in illegal sexual acts, transport of a minor with intent to engage in illegal sexual acts, sex trafficking of a minor, and other matters.

He has denied all the allegations.

Epstein died by suicide in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Caroline, who wore a white, back and orange striped sweater and black slacks, told the court that she had an abusive and dysfunctional childhood; Her mother was an alcoholic and her grandfather sexually abused her from the age of four.

She said she was introduced to Epstein through Ms. Roberts-Giffre, who suggested that Caroline could easily make money from an old male friend of hers.

Carolyn said Ms Roberts-Giffre dressed her in “provocative” clothes and took her on her first visit to the Palm Beach mansion.

She said Ms. Roberts-Giffre, who was about 18, taught her how to prepare a massage table and oil, and showed her how Epstein loved massaging.

She said she saw Epstein and Ms. Roberts-Giffre in a sex act during the first massage, and was paid $300 in a hundred dollar bill.

After the first visit, she said Ms. Maxwell arranged for her, her boyfriend or her mother to be called alone to Epstein’s Palm Beach estate.

“Maxwell will call and schedule an appointment,” she said.

Ms Maxwell wanted to take her to Epstein’s private island, but Caroline told her she was only 14 and there was “no way in hell” that her mother would let her travel abroad.

Carolyn said she told Ms Maxwell and Epstein about the abuse she had experienced as a child.

Prosecutors have previously said that “partners in the crime” intentionally targeted girls from broken homes.

Along with the money she said she was given gifts of Victoria’s Secret lingerie, tickets to see the band Incubus, and a copy of “a massage book for dummies” because she wanted to become a massage therapist.

She said that Epstein asked her to recruit other young girls to give her sexual massages.

“He asked me if I had any friends who were my age or younger, and I told him I didn’t hang out with younger people, but I had few friends I could ask for.”

Carolyn said she was paid $600 when she brought a friend to Epstein’s house, and her friend was paid $300.

“Why did you get extra?” Prosecutor Ms. Comey asked.

“Because I brought a friend with me,” she replied.

Caroline recalls two other women summoned to the massage room by Epstein, whom she said would press a button and they would appear naked.

He said the two women had sex with him while Mr Epstein had sex with them.

She also said that two of Epstein’s friends and Ms Maxwell were present during the sexual massage.

On another occasion, she testified that another Epstein assistant, Sarah Kellen, had photographed her nude. He said he was paid $500-$600 for the photos.

Caroline said she used the money to buy drugs and alcohol, and became addicted to opioids and cocaine.

She said the drug use had not interfered with her memory.

Carolyn was convicted of possession of cocaine and later trying to pawn a stolen Xbox, and was jailed for 52 days for the latter offense.

Ms Comey asked Carolyn about her current drug use, and she said she was taking methadone, Xanax, and an anti-schizophrenic medication.

At cross-examination, Jeffrey Pagluka questions Carolyn about a 2009 civil lawsuit that sued Epstein and his former assistant, Ms. Kellen.

Carolyn, who said she received $250,000 to settle the lawsuit, admitted that Ms Maxwell’s name was not mentioned even once in the 91-page complaint.

She said she had not read the complaint before it was filed by her lawyers, and had trouble recalling the sitting for the swearing-in.

Mr. Pagluka also asked Carolyn about a 2007 FBI interview in which she did not refer to Ms. Maxwell. She replied that she was not asked about Ms. Maxwell in the 2007 interview.

Carolyn also admitted that she told the FBI that it was Epstein who arranged a second visit to the Palm Beach residence.

“A lot of it goes together because I’ve been there so many times,” she said.

Carolyn said she had received payments of between $1m and $3m from the Victim Compensation Fund set up by Epstein’s estate.

After the jury dismissed for the day, prosecutors told Judge Alison Nathan that they intended to conclude their case by the end of the week.

The case was originally scheduled to last for six weeks, and that would significantly shorten the length of the trial.

Earlier in the day, FBI computer analyst Stephen Flatley testified about a hard drive recovered from Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse.

He said he cloned the equipment seized from the property during a raid in July 2019. They traced back to a Microsoft Word document created in 2002 by a user “G Max”.

It added: “Jeffrey and Ghislain have been a couple, together, for the past 11 years. Contrary to what people think, they are rarely apart. I always see them together.

“Ghislaine is highly intelligent and great company, with a ready smile and an infectious laugh.”

The letter continued: “Jeffrey and Ghislain compliment each other so well and I can’t imagine one without the other. In addition to being great partners, they’re also best friends.”

It is not clear what the purpose of the letter was.


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