Third accuser ‘was told I had a great body for Epstein, his friends’ – latest updates

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Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Second accuser testifies

Prosecutors in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite and former partner of Jeffrey Epstein, closed the seventh day of proceedings with a surprise announcement that they intend to put their case to rest this week, perhaps on Thursday.

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Ms Maxwell, 59, is accused of preparing teenage girls for abuse by the late convicted sex offender and financier. He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him.

The day began with jurors showing photographs showing Ms Maxwell’s relationship with Epstein. Judge Alison Nathan agreed that the photos were relevant because they depict the relationship between the couple who were a couple during the 1990s and 2000s.


Most of the day was taken up with the testimony of accuser “Caroline”, who was allegedly paid by Ms Maxwell to massage Epstein when she was 14 when she was 18 at her Palm Beach residence. She said that there was something sexual every time she came home, that she was in love with Ms. Maxwell, and that she was encouraged to recruit other girls.

If Ms Maxwell is found guilty, she could face up to 35 years in prison.

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Third accuser details abuse by Epstein

On the seventh day of the proceedings, the third accuser, going by the pseudonym Carolyn, said she was called by Ghislaine Maxwell to schedule a massage for Jeffrey Epstein.

She told the court in her testimony that the disgraced financier would touch her breasts and buttocks after which she masturbated.

According to her statements, Carolyn says she was abused from the age of 14 to the age of 18. Later when she visited Epstein at the age of 19, she realized that she was “too old for him”.

Arpan Rai8 December 2021 04:15

Controversial phrase revived by trial

Margot Mifflin writes:

The Ghislaine Maxwell lawsuit has revived a meaningless term that needs to be abolished: “underage girls.” By definition, girls are children, and children are underage. The phrase implies that some “girls” are old enough to have sex with adults who are not criminals. Call them children, juveniles, teenage girls, or minors and refer to the crime committed against them: sexual abuse. Not “sex with an underage girl”.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial brings back a phrase we should never use again

It is a phrase that we are all familiar with, but it is a phrase that causes untold harm to girls and women.

Oliver O’Connell8 December 2021 03:30

Epstein shows Maxwell a bank record of over $30 million

Jeffrey Epstein gave Ghislaine Maxwell at least $30.7m (£23.7m) when they were linked, new bank records presented in court show.

The story of Arpan Rai.

Epstein owed more than $30m to Ghislaine Maxwell, bank records shown in court show

Bank accounts reveal British socialite bought a helicopter in 2007 for $7.35 million

Oliver O’Connell8 December 2021 02:30

Court’s sketch artist responds after photo of Ghislaine Maxwell sketching on his back goes viral

The New York artist, whose portrait of Ghislaine Maxwell went viral during the trial, has said that the socialite has sketched her “several times in a row”.

talking to comprehensibleIn , Jane Rosenberg talks about the image that has captured people’s imagination and said: “In that little courtroom in the pretzels, that’s when the sketching started. He sketched me several times in a row.”

Marosha Muzaffar’s report

Artist reacts after photo of Ghislaine Maxwell sketching his back goes viral

The artist said she heard the picture had gone viral but she doesn’t ‘twitter’

Oliver O’Connell8 December 2021 01:30

Never-before-seen photos of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion shown to jury

A sketch of Ghislaine Maxwell hanging out in Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion appears in one of dozens of photographs submitted as evidence by prosecutors at the socialite’s trial.

The images were taken during an FBI raid on Epstein’s Florida home in 2005 and show his bedroom, offices and a massage table where he received a sexual massage.

Bevan Hurley reports.

Never-before-seen photos of Epstein’s mansion shown for Maxwell trial

Maxwell Prosecutors Release Photos Taken During 2005 FBI Raid on Epstein’s Palm Beach Estate Show ‘Scary’ Art, Writes Bevan Hurley

Oliver O’Connell8 December 2021 00:30

Oliver O’Connell7 December 2021 23:30

Prosecutors say they will rest their case this week

In a surprise announcement at the end of the seventh day of the trial, prosecutors say it will rest this week, which could theoretically dramatically reduce the length of the trial.

They have decided not to call “Brian” the brother of “Jane” the first accused to testify against Ms. Maxwell.

The court has made only one more charge to take a stand against the socialite, with three hearings in the first seven days of the trial. Testimony could be completed by Thursday.

Originally scheduled for five to six weeks, the length of proceedings can be reduced significantly.

Oliver O’Connell7 December 2021 22:19

Ms. Maxwell’s defense attorney’s final question considered a photograph taken by Carolyn claiming to be naked and pregnant by the defendant. After confirming that he had seen it, Mr. Pagluka ended the cross-examination.

As Ms. Comey began redirecting the prosecution, Caroline cried, responding that no, she had not written her legal complaint that had been referred to earlier.

The defense objected again when Caroline was asked if she was in court to collect the money and replied that no, what Ms Maxwell had done was wrong.

When Ms. Comey finished her inquiries about Caroline, Mr. Pagliuca asked what happened to the $446,000 she received in 2009. Caroline replied that she did not know.

Oliver O’Connell7 December 2021 22:07

Another comment from Caroline is to be disregarded by the jury.

Oliver O’Connell7 December 2021 21:58

Judge Nathan tells the jury to disregard a remark by Carolyn, reminding her that she must obey the rules of the court.

Responding to Mr. Pagluka’s questions, she asked what it had to do with what she was here for today, saying that Ghislaine Maxwell loved her and broke her spirit.

Mr. Pagluka asked if it was true that he never mentioned Ms. Maxwell in medicine, which Caroline confirms.

Oliver O’Connell7 December 2021 21:45

Credit: / Ghislaine Maxwell

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