This Green Chef deal brings healthy meals to your door and lets you save $135 on deliveries

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Food shopping can be a real chore, especially if you’re looking for healthy items. Thankfully, you can skip the lines at farmers markets and organic grocery stores by signing up for Green Chef, Even better, you can get delicious discount meals from health conscious food delivery service right now!

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If you’re new to this best-selling meal kit delivery service, you’re in luck: Newcomers can Save big on their first five boxes For a limited time. When you subscribe to Green Chef today, you’ll get 50% off the first box, 22% off the second, third, and fourth boxes, and 5% off the fifth box. That means you can save up to $135 on your first five deliveries when you sign up now.

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Choose from a variety of balanced meal plans to suit your lifestyle and dietary needs, including keto + paleo, Mediterranean, vegetarian and gluten-free options. To personalize your box, simply choose whether you want to feed two, four or six people per recipe and whether you want three or four dishes a week. For example, if you choose a keto + paleo plan with two recipes for four people, you’ll pay $51.92 for the first box, $81.06 for the second, third, and fourth boxes, and $98.72 for the fifth box. – Total savings of over $125.70 in all of the first five boxes!

When we tested At Green Chef, we were impressed by the meal kit service’s commitment to organic and ethically sourced ingredients. No matter which food you choose, Green Chef promises that they contain USDA-certified ingredients from suppliers that undergo annual compliance inspections and maintain a strict list of approved ingredients. Those ingredients are also prepared and ready to cook – the garlic in the test came pre-sliced ​​and the carrots pre-sliced, so most plates were ready in 30 minutes and we only had a few to clean. There were a handful of dishes.

Bottom Line, Green Chef is One of Them best meal kit You can find and try it now without emptying your pocketTea-Check it out for yourself.

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