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gathered outside in thousands Washington of the state to oppose the state capitol building Vaccination mandate, and at one point was heard playing the national anthem.

“We’re adults and we know how to take care of ourselves,” said Kelly Coyle, a former state Department of Transportation employee, told the Olympian. “I don’t believe you should force someone to inject something into their body they don’t want and lose their livelihood.” Coyle said he was forced into early retirement because of Democratic Gov. Vaccine Mandate for state workers.


In Washington, 2,500 to 3,000 people took part in a “no, you go ahead” rally against the mandate on Sunday to protest Inslee’s vaccine mandate for about 63,000 state workers. State employees are required to be fully vaccinated by October 18.

Last year’s heroes, this year’s scapegoats: Frontline workers Livelihoods at stake over vaccine rights

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Video footage from the rally showed protesters breaking into the national anthem, while holding American flags and signs reading, “Stand up for health, freedom,” and “no forced vaccinations.”

Coyle explained that she was granted a religious exemption from the mandate, but her employer told her that the office could not accommodate her because she posed a risk to others. After that he decided to retire.

New York teachers protest vaccine mandate, march on Brooklyn Bridge: ‘I call the shots’

“I feel for people who are losing their jobs,” Thurston County resident Dena Egan, who attended the rally with Coyle, told The Olympian. “I’m here to stand with all these other people. It’s our body, our choice.”

“I haven’t even had a flu shot,” Cowlitz County resident Theresa Pringle, another rally participant, told The Olympian. “That’s where the choice comes in. I’m a very healthy retiree who can choose. Some people who aren’t healthy can choose, too.”

Rallies against the vaccine mandate have been organized across the country in recent weeks. Health care workers protest signs like “Last Year’s Heroes, This Year’s Unemployed” outside hospitals. A massive rally was also held in New York City last month, when former and current teachers marched against the vaccine mandate and were heard saying “F—Joe Biden.”