Montreal: Quebec provincial police said on Wednesday that three workers were killed in Monday’s explosion at the Bois Auvre plant in Beauceville.

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Among the victims are Jean Lachance, 51, of Saint-Georges, Mario Morin, 57, of Beauceville, and Martin Roy, 50, of Saint-Georges.

A total of eight people were injured in the incident, which occurred after workers tried to control the fire while subcontractors were carrying out repairs on the roof of the plant, located about 88 kilometers south of Quebec City.


Sorte du Québec (SQ) says investigations are still ongoing to determine the cause of the fire that caused the explosion.

SQ officers were called at 7:30 a.m. to put out the fire on 134th Street. Fire brigade and ambulance teams were also sent to the spot.

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Union representative François Cardinal says the organization plans to help “all those affected by this disaster”.

“All our members are in shock,” said Eric Fillion, president of Local 9153.

An investigation is also underway by the Standards at Work, Equity, Health and Safety Commission (CNEST).

–With files from the Canadian Press.