Three Possible Landing Spots Recently For Warmer Cousins

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    It seems like a lifetime ago when Deramkus’ cousin was one of the most promising young bigs in the NBA during his All-Star days in Sacramento. Ever since he has been battling multiple injuries, it has been a steady and steady decline, the most recent of which was an ACL tear that cost him all of last season.

    Cousins ​​is back on the court with the Rockets, but the team announced on Tuesday that they were officially parting with them, despite guaranteeing their contract last week for the rest of the season. Cousins ​​was serving as the backup center behind rising star Christian Wood and logged a respectable 9.6 points and 7.6 rebounds in 20 minutes of action.

    But his lack of laterality gives him an obligation on defense, and what’s more, it makes it difficult to imagine a scenario in which he can play an important role on a contender who adds a little size and scoring punch. Might want They look forward to Postson.

    Despite this, someone will likely take a gamble on him and convince himself that he still has some juice left as a scorer who can provide a few spot minutes at center. Here are three possible destinations that can do this.


    The latest rumors claim that the Lakers are not really interested in adding cousins, but you have to take one with a grain of salt. Cousins ​​spent all of last season on the Lockers bench as he recovered from ACL surgery, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to think he could add some depth to the roster that is currently lacking in size due to an injury to Anthony Davis .

    Mark Gasol is definitely not the one who was used as a defender or an aggressive bully, but the lover and experience make up a lot. Given his injury history, Cousins’ defensive issues are a real concern, though he could possibly add some scoring in the second unit. Recently forgiven Quinn Cook has cleared the roster spot, and by how long Davis is sidelined, it may make sense as a stop-gap solution.


    The Raptors climbed above .500 this week, thanks to a four-game win streak that made it to the top of the No. 5 conference at one time against the Sixers, Nets and Bucks. This is the Wild East, and if they want to fight for good playoff positioning, they can use some extra size on the paint and boards.

    According to the most recent reports, they would like to work towards a buyout as Andre Drummond, who is currently being held out of rotation in Cleveland. But Cousins ​​would be a better deal, even if it came with all the bargain-bin stuff. The question is whether it fits what they want to do. He could certainly be an offensive attack on Aaron Baynes, and he would help get out on the glass, as Toronto has been one of the worst defensive teams all season. However, a team that values ​​defensive versatility is certainly not a thug fit.


    The Blazers frontcourt issues have been well documented. With Zach Collins out for the season and Jusuf Nurkic six weeks with a broken wrist, the center position is almost nothing. But if Terry Stotts can make it work with the Annes connector for enough time in between, he can certainly find a solution for Cousins.

    And if you need any more proof that the Blazers are in the career renewal business that was previously on the Fritz, look no further than Carmelo Anthony, who was completely out of the league before finding new life in Portland last season . The Blazers have been on a hot streak despite their injuries, winning seven of their final 10 to take them to the No. 5 spot in the West.

    Cousins, usually, acts like a canter in a reserve role, bringing scoring and rebounding to his second unit and trying to reduce what he would give back to the defensive end. But Portland may be just the right fit for a player who faces a great deal of uncertainty at this point in his career.


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