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“Tiger King” star Jeff Lowe has scrapped his plan to disperse the ashes of the late zookeeper Eric Covey at the Oklahoma Zoo.

Lowe had previously planned to claim his friend’s remains and disperse them as part of a memorial service with his favorite cat, who had also recently died. At the time, Lowe was trying to claim Crow’s remains because no family member had come forward after his death.


However, Lowe states tmz That someone claiming to be a relative of Crow actually came forward and collected his remains from a medical examiner in New York after his autopsy. The outlet reports that Lowe knew Covey had children but did not think they would claim his remains.

Representatives for the medical examiner did not immediately respond to Granthshala News’ request for comment.

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Remaining animals of ‘Tiger King’ zoo to be handed over to Department of Justice

Kauai, one of several zookeepers who kept things running at the Oklahoma Zoo owned by Lowe as well as Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, died earlier this month in New York City.

Shop previously reported That, if no one had claimed Crowe’s remains, the onus would have fallen on New York City, which Lowe deemed unacceptable. Lowe told the outlet that he was actively working to get in touch with the proper authorities to claim Kauai’s remains so that he could give her a proper dispatch to the Thackersville, Okla., zoo, which he so loved. Was.

Carole Baskin sold Joe Exotic’s zoo, property banned from being a zoo for at least 100 years

Had he been given custody of his remains, Lowe would have cremated him and spread his ashes with his favorite cat, a liger named Jongo, who died last year. In addition, Lowe wanted to hold a memorial service for Kauai at the zoo that would be live-streamed on Facebook for fans to see and participate in. It is not clear whether he still plans to build that monument.

At the time of his death, police confirmed to Granthshala News that he had responded to an emergency call from “an unconscious male inside 21 East 55th Street in the confines of 67 PCT”. The man was in the bedroom of the location.

In the viral Netflix doc, Covey said that he found a zookeeping job on Craigslist and was desperate for the job.

Covey was one of the animal caretakers at Greater Wynwood Exotic Animal Park and testified against Exotic, who is currently serving a 22-year sentence in a Texas prison, over two hitmen in a failed murder attempt against his big cat. was found guilty of recruiting. Zoo Rivals, Carole Baskin.

He also said in court that he witnessed Exotic’s alleged mistreatment of animals and confirmed that Exotic killed some of the larger big cats to make room for the new ones.