TikTok ‘Catfish Queen’ spills beauty hacks: ‘I can transform to a white woman’

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The self-crowned “Catfish Queen”, known to over 121,700 TikTok fan-tribes as Gemluva Beauty, rose to royal heights of viral notoriety due to her jaw-dropping drab-to-fab beauty transformation videos. has been

“I love catfishing,” Gemluva, real name Patricia Lichtenberger, 47, told The Post. “I can transform myself from a Mexican-Hispanic to a blonde woman if I want to,” the online makeup artist laughed.


For a Kansas-based mom of four, “catfishing”—the act of luring a person or group of people into a false position of familiarity by creating a fake online look or persona—means she’s strategically structuring her TikTok. Some of which have collected over 2.4 million views, to begin with, immaculate images of herself without makeup or tight hair.

Then — after giving herself an off-camera, three-hour makeover using cosmetics she buys at Walmart for $50 to $100 monthly — Gemluva posted her glamorized mug framed by a smoke-hot hairdo. Ended with eye-popping footage of

Lichtenberger, known online as Gemluva, uses makeup she buys at Walmart to turn into a ravishing beauty on TikTok.
tiktok / @jemaluwabeauty
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“I like shocking people,” she laughed, noting that her favorite skin-smoothing trick is to cover her face from the inside. One/Size Butter Silk Concealer by Patrick Starr, which retails online for $25.

“It’s best when I post my videos and people see me with no makeup on, then they look at me with it on and think I’m a completely different person,” she revisited the look of her face. Lively and youthful look. “They think I’m their daughter.”

Gemluva credits her 22-year-old daughter Pamela for empowering her to continue broadcasting her beauty transformation despite the vicious attacks she regularly receives from digital trolls.

“People say really nasty things about my face and my teeth,” said Gemluva, “you’re so ugly” and “what’s wrong with your face? Have you had a stroke?” Written by Goons.

“Last year, during the pandemic, I got really depressed by the constant backlash and criticism,” she said. “Also, I was diagnosed with fibroids. I was losing a lot of blood and taking all these medications, and I eventually became anemic, which led to spots of hyperpigmentation all over my face.”

Gemluva says that when she gave herself a three-hour makeover, people mistook her for her 22-year-old daughter.
Gemluva says that when she gives herself a three-hour makeover, people mistook her for her 22-year-old daughter.
tiktok / @jemaluwabeauty

But even in the face of a medical and emotional crisis, Pamela refuses to give up on her dream of making Gemluva a beauty positivity platform for herself and other women.

“My daughter always encourages. She says, ‘Mom, you are such a beautiful person and I am so proud to have you as a mother,’” Gemluva said aloud. “That’s what keeps me going.”

And to her haters, the cosmetics sorceress says, “No one is going to stop me from being my beautiful and loving self. If you don’t like it, don’t watch my videos.”


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