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South Carolina Senator Tim Scott continues to haul in massive campaign cash as he runs for re-election in the 2022 midterm, and that’s fueling more speculation about a potential 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate and a rising star in the GOP, brought in $8.3 million during fundraising during the third quarter of July-September. It follows Scott’s eye-opening $9.6 million in fundraising during the second quarter of April-June. So far this year, the senator has raised about $20 million.


Scott’s campaign confirmed its fundraising figures to Granthshala News on Wednesday, reporting that the senator received contributors from 82,000 donors over the past three months.

Tim Scott’s Mission: Help Republicans Diversity GOP

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As of now, Scott is unlikely to face a grueling reelection next year reliably in Red Palmetto State, where he won his 2016 election by nearly 25 points. Last November, then-President Trump led the state by 12 points and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham won again by 10 points despite record-breaking fundraising from Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, who is now chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Scott has become a high-profile Republican during his tenure in the Senate. He grabbed national attention earlier this year when he delivered a well-received GOP response to President Biden’s prime-time address to a joint session of Congress. And he is the leading Republican in talks with congressional Democrats on a major police reform bill.

Pundits see him as a potential 2024 GOP presidential nomination contender. His visits to Iowa (in April) and New Hampshire (last weekend) so far this year, which host the first two contests in the presidential nomination calendar, have fueled speculation about potential national ambitions, and his massive wealth. There are also growers.

The numbers say that Tim Scott has developed a national constituency and garnered enthusiastic supporters from coast to coast. There is no doubt that he is someone who excites Republican activists. His recent trip to New Hampshire was very successful and attracted large crowds,” Jim Merrill, a longtime Republican adviser, told Granthshala News.

Merrill, who is based in New Hampshire and a veteran of several GOP presidential campaigns, said the senator’s fundraising data “tells me that if Tim Scott were a stock, a lot of people would buy his stock right now. People really Believe in him and are excited about him.”

Scott ended the third quarter with approximately $19 million in cash. Any remaining funds from his 2022 Senate campaign could be transferred to a potential presidential bid, should he decide to run for higher office.

Scott has repeatedly dismissed talk of running the White House in 2024. He told Granthshala News earlier this year that his “sole purpose is to become a United States senator for the great state of South Carolina.”

But Scott has also said that the 2022 race will be his last Senate campaign.

Haley NH. campaigned in a major house GOP primary of

In last week’s column, we highlighted how Sen. Ted Cruz entered the increasingly crowded race for the 2022 Republican nomination in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, one of the nation’s major congressional battleground states. Is.

While support was about 2022, it led to 2024 speculation about Cruz, who was Trump’s runner-up in the 2016 Republican presidential nomination race and is seen by pundits as the next possible GOP White House .

Ted Cruz takes sides in GOP primary on key congressman battlefield

A week later, another Republican, who pundits see as a potential 2024 presidential contender, also backed the election in the same primary.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during the first two years of the Trump administration, backs former New Hampshire GOP executive director Matt Movers, who worked on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and served in the state. Department during the Trump administration.

Haley backed the Movers last year as he came closer to defeating incumbent Democratic Rep. Chris Pappas, and he traveled to New Hampshire last autumn to campaign with the Movers.

Haley’s endorsement came a week after Cruz endorsed Carolyn Levitt, a 24-year-old White House veteran of President Trump, in an endorsement previously shared with Granthshala News.

tap this week

Florida’s Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio, another GOP politician pundit who see a potential 2024 White House as hopeful, are among headliners Wednesday at a convention that aims to grow the party by recruiting and training more women and minority candidates. focusing its efforts.

Republican State Leadership Committee, A GOP political organization dedicated to electing party candidates to state legislative and executive offices across the country is hosting the event in Crystal City, Virginia, titled “The Future of the GOP Starts in the States”. .