Tokyo man stole 200 PS5 and Nintendo Switch consoles then gambled the money

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don’t pass go go straight to jail

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A Japanese man has been arrested for selling nearly 200 game consoles he was accused of distributing.

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The suspect, a 50-year-old unemployed man identified as Fuyuki Minamura, was arrested by Tokyo police following delivery of PS5 and Nintendo Switch hardware and games (as seen by) Kotaku), then gambles on the money earned from selling stolen goods on horse racing.

japanese website Sankei states that the goods were worth 5.8 million (about £38,397), and that Minamura was tasked with delivering the items by a shipping company. Instead, it reportedly sold units to secondhand stores around Tokyo’s Akihabara district, earning 3m (£19,853) from their sales.


Nintendo Switch Credits: Nintendo

Both Nintendo and Sony consoles are still in short supply in their native Japan, so it’s probably easy to understand what retailers would anticipate to be trade ins for the secondary market.

While the crime is reported to have occurred in early October, it is still not entirely clear how or why the suspect was given the responsibility of consoling, other than at the request of an acquaintance.

Minamura reportedly kept low at the internet cafe then. In Tokyo, many Internet cafes can be found with dining and washroom facilities, and some even have private booths where users can sleep informally. As a result, it is not uncommon for some people to live in them compulsorily on a semi-permanent basis.

Kotaku quotes the suspect as saying “I left with [the load] Because I was having money problems,” and “I bet almost all my money on horse racing.”

Following his arrest, Minamura has confessed to the charges.


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