Tom Hardy to star in new Netflix film from producer ‘Gangs of London’

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    Hard Havoc ‘will see Hardy in the role of a detective exposing a web of corruption in his city

    Tom Hardy to star in new Netflix movie Gangs of london Co-Producer Gareth Evans.

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    Title DestructionAccording to Netflix, the upcoming film will see Hardy in the role of a detective rescuing the son of a leader who, according to Netflix, unleashes a web of corruption in his city.

    Evans, who is also a filmmaker Print And Raid 2, Write and direct Destruction, While Hardy will also produce. It will be a series of projects that Evans will produce and direct for the streaming giant over the next several years.

    In November, Hardy joined the cast of the Vietnam War film The things we carryDirected by Rupert Sanders.

    The film features an all-star cast of young actors in front-line stories adaptation of Tim O’Brien’s acclaimed collection.

    Hardy to act alongside Teri Sheridan (Player One is ready), Stephen James (Return home), Bill Skarsgard (This chapter one and two), Pete Davidson (Staten Island King), Ashton Sanders (Moonlight), Moises Arius (monkey), Angus Cloud (Enthusiasm), Martin Sensmeier (the magnificent Seven) – with the promise that more actors are yet to be announced.

    Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan portrays Hardy’s performance as Ban In the dark Knight Rises, Suggesting that he has not been “fully appreciated”.

    Oscar-Nominee played the antagonist in the third part of Nolan’s Batman trilogy in 2012, although it came with high expectations, praising Heath Ledger as the Joker in the previous film. dark Knight.

    Speaking on Happy Sad Confused On the podcast, Nolan praised Hardy’s work in the movie, saying: “There is no safety net for any of these people and Tom, I mean … what he did to that character right now he was totally appreciated It remains to be known. It is an extraordinary performance, and really amazing. “

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