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Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei paid for a long time democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta lobbied for $500,000 on his behalf in the third quarter, shows federally mandated financial disclosure of Podesta’s lobbying activities.

Podesta, the brother of former Obama administration aide John Podesta, was brought in to help Huawei.”[t]This summer, according to a registration form, it revealed that it had taken on Huawei as a customer.


CNBC first reported Podesta’s third-quarter paychecks from Huawei. Neither Podesta nor the White House responded to Granthshala Business’s requests on Friday.

Politico reported earlier this year that Huawei brought in Podesta in an effort to improve its relationship with the Biden administration.

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America is ready for China’s Huawei, and it just happened

According to former FCC chairman Ajit Pai, Huawei was designated a national security threat by the Federal Communications Commission last year because of its “close ties with the Chinese Communist Party and China’s military apparatus”.

The FCC this year doubled down on its designation of Huawei as a threat. And one of President Biden’s nominees for a head of the Commerce Department said last month that he expects sanctions against Huawei to continue.

“I believe Huawei poses a national security threat to the United States. Huawei’s involvement in alleged sanctions violations, ties to the Chinese military, human rights abuses, and intellectual property theft are deeply linked ,” Alan Estevez, the under-secretary of commerce for industry and security, wrote to the Senate Banking Committee. “Based on the publicly available information that I know of today, I see no reason to remove Huawei from the entity list.”

Estevez said: “I understand based on public information that the Biden administration has not changed its policy regarding restrictions on exports to Huawei and that the Huawei entity remains on the list.”

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John Podesta also used to be former President Clinton’s chief of staff, and both Podesta have long been associated with some of the top officials in Biden’s inner circle, largely veterans of the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Tony Podesta told The New York Times earlier this year that while he has been able to live off the income from his considerable art collection, he wanted to return to the political arena.

“I miss work because I love politics,” Podesta told The Times.