On Wednesday, severe weather and a hurricane damaged homes and roads in parts of Louisiana and the Deep South.

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Images outside the northern city of Bastrop, Louisiana in Morehouse showed trees above vehicles and through roofs.

Other footage out of Woodville was released by the National Weather Service in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Oklahoma, along with strong winds, lightning, torrential rain and thunderstorms and weather advice in Mississippi.

According to the power outage tracker, thousands remained without power at the time of reporting PowerOutage.US.

The WBRZ also mentioned that a flash flood warning was placed in the areas of Orleans, Jefferson and St. Charles Parishes to the south.

Between 3 and 4 inches of rain was already produced with thunderstorms coming into the region, NOLA.com reported on Thursday.

According to a New Orleans-based news site, Jefferson Parish fire and rescue personnel reported that more than two feet of water Covered roads Louis Armstrong near New Orleans International Airport.

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Stronger storms are predicted to move eastward, moving into Mississippi and Tennessee, but the next storms still hit the south on Friday, posing a threat to the Gulf Coast once again.

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The National Weather Service reported on Thursday An increased risk of severe weather – including tornadoes, wind, floods, and hail – will extend through the southern plains into the Lower Mississippi Valley.