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Several reported tornadoes swept through Oklahoma late Sunday through early Monday, causing severe weather system damage, bringing heavy rain, lightning and thunderstorms to several states across the region.


There was no immediate report of death or injury from the tornado. National Weather Service Multiple tornadoes confirmed in Oklahoma, given how the weather conditions were predominant for their accelerated development.

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A potential tornado struck the Tulsa suburb of Coveta late Sunday cause significant harm One to a high school, homes and a gas station, the news outlet reported.

“Now take cover from this storm!” National Weather Service in Tulsa warns on Twitter, saying that the storm was rapidly strengthening.

Koveta Public School Classes canceled on Monday And said officials are surveying school sites for damage caused by the storm.

According to news outlets, earlier in the evening hail broke windows and cars in Norman. Norman is located approximately 20 miles south of Oklahoma City.

Springer, Oklahoma received heavy rain on October 10, 2021, as a tornado hit the state. credit: Gurkaran Singh via Storyful

Oklahoma Gas & Electric said in a statement that crews were working actively to restore power cuts.

Severe weather brought heavy rain and lightning in parts of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

In Dallas, the storm forced Texas State Fair Closes Early on Sunday. And in Kansas City, Missouri, lightning, seemingly from the same line of storms, delayed an NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Chiefs for nearly an hour.

National Weather Service said Another strong storm is expected in Oklahoma late Tuesday evening and into Wednesday.

“All hazards are possible, but damaging winds are the primary threat. Extreme rainfall can cause flooding as well as any severe storm,” the NWS said.

This story was reported from Cincinnati. The Associated Press contributed.