‘Total War: Warhammer 3’ reveals the entirety of Grand Cathay’s roster

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Grand Cathay’s roster has some formidable options for grabbing land

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The Creative Assembly has shared the first full disclosure for Total War: Warhammer 3The Grand Cathay unit roster after showing up in the trailer last week (October 1).

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one in blog post Released Friday (October 8), Creative Assembly detailed each unit that will be included with the launch of Grand Cathay Total War: Warhammer 3.

As well as the two Legendary Lords already detailed, Grand Cathay’s armies would be led by Lord Magistrates or Dragon-Blooded Shugengen Lord units. Players will also be able to use alchemists and astronomers as their heroes in factions. Alchemists will have limited access to magic and will focus on buffing other units, while Astromancers will use Heaven’s lore at “an expert level”.


The backbone of the army’s lower tier would be made up of Farmer Long Spearmen, who have “superb charge defense” and are expendable. Meanwhile, the Z Warriors will be expected to hold a line for a long period of time and may adopt a unique defensive stance. The Celestial Dragon Guard is Grand Cathay’s elite infantry, whose presence alone boosts the morale of nearby fighters.

Grand Cathay has several options for missile infantry. While farmers are archers – which are also expendable – players can recruit Iron Hell gunners, who are “the closest they can get to an Old World shotgun”. The Crane Gunners are a two-man firing team that, escorting artillery, “will tear apart anything on the battlefield”. Lastly, there are options for both Jade Warrior or Celestial Dragon Crossbowmen.

Total War: Warhammer 3. Credits: Creative Assembly

The faction will also have three types of cavalry to use, with the elite Great Longma Riders using flying mounts. Armies can also be supported from above by Sky Lantern and Sky Junk units, which fire at enemies from the sky.

As seen in the trailer, Cathay also has access to giant Terracotta Sentinel units, “the ultimate in the Cathay defense of their settlements and armies”.

Artillery fire comes in the form of rain rockets or Grand Cannon units, which use gunpowder to fire from afar. Finally, the Wu-Shin Battle Compass is “a mounted spellcaster that deals extreme damage to enemy formations with access to unique, long-range spells”.


Many factions not yet revealed Total War: Warhammer 3, including the other three Chaos factions.

In other news, Amazon Game Studios has backed out of support for the region swap.

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