Toyah Wilcox says the lockdown video began as husband Robert Frapp was “withdrawing”

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    The Sunday lockdown lunch videos of the pair have become viral sensations throughout the year

    Toyah Wilcox has revealed that her Sunday Lockdown Lunch video series began as her husband, Robert Crump of King Crimson, was on her way back from performing.

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    The pair launched their virtual video series last year, sharing songs sung by Nirvana, David Bowie, Metallica, Guns N ‘Roses and even more through Wilcox’s YouTube channel.

    Speaking in a new interview with Guardian, Wilcox described how the popular series, which saw him on an exercise bike, in a cheerleader costume and holding a pair of dumbbells.

    “Here I am in this house with my 74-year-old husband, whom I really don’t want to live without,” the musician and actor said of Frapp, saying she wanted to capture the guitarist. “He Was withdrawing, so I thought: ‘I’m going to teach him dance.’ And it became a challenge. “

    “I convinced Robert to light, filming, ideological side and participate,” she said.

    Wilcox also talked about the time when he persuaded Fryupe to donate a pair of tights and tutu Swan Lake Lockdown video.

    “[He was] Fucking furious, “he said. “He I felt that he was being made fun of. But the response was so overwhelmingly positive, and now, six months down the line, he can see that it was quite important to do, in this he became a shared experience with the audience that needed to be reminded of the beauty of human laughter. “

    Last October, former King Crimson singer and bassist Gordon Haskell died at the age of 74. The late musician was asked to join the band in 1970 following the departure of Grape Lake, their original singer Greg Lake.

    Former King Crimson drummer Bill Rifflin also died last March. He Was 59 years old.

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