OTTAWA — Canada’s trade minister says the fight to prevent the Biden administration’s Buy American Electric Vehicle tax credit from becoming a reality is far from over.

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“I’ve been meeting senators on both sides of the aisle. They’ve definitely indicated to me that they’re not ready to vote for it yet,” Mary Ng told Joyce Napier on Granthshala’s Power Play Friday.

“There’s still some runway to work on,” she said.


Ng spoke to Napier from Washington, where he and a cross-party delegation of lawmakers were meeting with US lawmakers to fight against the US procurement provision.

The Biden administration unveiled a comprehensive budget that includes a US$12,500 tax credit for American-made electric vehicles.

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“I’ve had about six meetings with the senators,” Ng told Granthshala’s Power Play.

She says Canadian officials have held about 50 meetings with their US counterparts.

Ng discusses Biden’s cross-party push against the US Buy provisions in the video at the top of this article.