Trump asking others to tweet insults on his behalf, report says

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    Donald Trump speaks to the press after leaving for the White House in Washington, DC on September 22, 2020

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    A report states that Donald Trump asked his colleagues to tweet derogatory tweets for him after he was permanently banned.

    The former president permanently suspended his Twitter account on January 6 following the riots on the US Capitol, for which he was facing impeachment on grounds of impeachment.

    According to a report by The Daily Beast, Mr. Trump is frustrated that he cannot weigh in online against his political enemies, especially Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney.

    Rep Republican Cheney, the third-highest ranking in the House of Representatives, was among 10 GOP congressmen and women who voted for Mr. Trump’s impeachment on January 13.

    Reports said that the former president has now decided that he has left the White House to field a House representative to vote against him.

    However, he can no longer use his go-to tool to outsmart his enemies and increase his power over the Republican Party after his ban in January.

    The daily beast Reported that a person with direct knowledge said that Mr. Trump has written “about insults and comments” Rep Cheney and other political opponents.

    “But not having the ability to tweet themselves, they have resorted to suggesting others to use or post their own Twitter,” the outlet said.

    Granthshalareported on Friday that Mr. Trump is repeatedly raising questions in the House to oust his Republican colleagues Rep Cheney runs a primary candidate for and against his position as House Republican Conference Chair.

    The report comes as hundreds of people gathered in Cheyenne on Thursday, with Congressman Matt Getz of Florida, an ardent supporter of Mr. Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. repeatedly criticizing him for listening.

    Rep Getz said: “Washington DC uses establishment powerbrokers like Liz Cheney to get into a deeply corrupt game. But there are more of us out of them.

    “You can send a representative who really represents you, and you can send Liz Cheney back home to Washington DC,” he said.

    Twitter took drastic action to ban Mr Trump in January, because of the “risk of further escalation of violence” if this outgoing president continues to use his platform.

    Experts saw how the 74-year-old has used Twitter in an unprecedented way for a political leader, often using it to whip personally and professionally at a wide variety of people.

    Since his suspension and the end of his term as president, Mr. Trump has established the former president’s office in Florida, through which he manages his public affairs.

    The office will manage their correspondence, appearances and other “official activities to advance the interests of the United States” and “on the agenda” of their administration.

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