Trump lawyer ‘gave Pence six-step guide on how to overturn election’

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According to multiple reports, lawyers for former President Donald Trump were ready with a six-step memorandum that could potentially allow his Vice President Mike Pence to reverse US presidential election results.

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A memorandum detailing the steps was submitted to Mr Pence before January 6 when the Electoral College votes were set for counting in seven states, a book reveals. Washington Post Journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

John Eastman, a lawyer for Trump and a conservative, detailed in a two-page memo convincing Mr Pence to overturn the constitution in one of several bids to hammer out election results and overturn the 2020 presidential election, who brought the Democratic administration to power, CNN reported.


Called the “Eastman Memo”, it asked Mr Pence to declare Mr Trump the winner with a high Electoral College vote of 232 against 222. Anticipating a serious backlash and “howls” from Democrats, the memo directed the vice president to then announce that the candidate had reached 270 votes, the report said.

This would bring elections and results for the House of Representatives which would give one vote to each state. The political math from there must have influenced the results in Mr. Trump’s favor as Republicans controlled 26 state delegations, giving him a majority share.

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Mr Pence rejected the memo, saying the US Constitution did not grant him authority beyond counting the votes of the Electoral College. The book cited in the report said Mr Pence set up his own consultations and reached out to former Vice President Dan Quayle and Senate MPs who confirmed that his powers were limited to counting votes.

Mr Eastman and Mr Trump first took the plan to Mr Pence in the Oval Office on 4 January as the former president tried to persuade his vice president in command of the alleged authority to withhold the election’s authentication. CNN Report added.

However, Mr Pence put his foot down and decided not to interfere, citing his constitutional duties, which led to the former president turning on him and attacking him in angry tweets on Twitter. Mr Trump was permanently suspended from using Twitter in January this year.

Reportedly, the Eastman memo could play a role in an investigation by the House Select Committee probing the January 6 US Capitol riots as it sought documents from the National Archives relating to communications on Eastman.

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