Trump remains bunkered in the White House as the world spins on

    He has not answered any questions to reporters, has not invited any cameras to the Oval Office and has not ventured further than his name’s golf course 25 miles from the White House in Virginia.

    Trump has also canceled his plan to travel to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving, administration officials told CNN. The president and first lady were scheduled to spend a vacation at their South Florida resort, but have decided to stay in Washington instead.

    “It sounds like a bunker mentality,” a White House official said before delivering the verdict.

    Even when activists remove the temporary metal nets that surround the White House on election day, they remain inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan, as they refuse to lose to President-Elect Joe Biden.

    When he looks at his north-facing windows, he can see Biden’s reviewing stance for the inaugural parade – the same as the one he sat in four years ago – being re-erected on his front lawn.

    When he steps down for meetings in the Oval Office, he often spends the late evening citing his chaotic legal efforts and wondering why more of his lawyers are not defending him on television.

    During a particularly heated session last Thursday, his deputy campaign manager accused his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who was on speakerphone, “f ** king a ** hole”.

    A public appearance is spoken of on some days, but few have seen the same number of electoral votes – 306 – since Biden was projected as the winner of the election – that Trump first caused a landslide when he took office in 2016 Victory was understood.

    A rare item

    Such mild programs have been shown in his administration in the recent past. Trump has rarely opposed television cameras for this long.

    His three public appearances since November 3, the lie-filled presence in the briefing room, the rain-soaked wreath at the Arlington National Ceremony and the Coronovirus vaccine have all been commented on in the Rose Garden, which all ended without question.

    Even Trump’s publicly listed but closed-press incidents have been omitted. He had lunch with Vice President Mike Pence twice and met with the Secretaries of the State Department and Treasury Department last Thursday. But his program does not include classified intelligence briefings for more than a month, even with his administration refusing the presidential-election briefings that convened his non-official national security meeting on Tuesday and photo Invited cameras for – op.

    Trump attended a Veterans Day Wreath Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Ceremony in Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday, 11 November.

    Trump has stopped calling most US allies, especially as they move toward recognizing Biden’s victory. The last White House foreign leader said Trump had spoken with French President Emmanuel Macron, which he dialed after the October 30 terrorist attack in Nice. On Tuesday, Biden was greeted by Trump’s two close global friends, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    He has sent signs of smoking through some members of the conservative media. Geraldo Rivera, a reporter for Fox News, said Trump described himself as “realistic” when he spoke last week.

    “Time to come soon to say goodbye with grace and dignity,” River tweeted. Trump made false claims over the upcoming weekend, stating that he “won the election,” all in big letters, marking social media outlets as distortion.

    Immediately after the election, some of Trump’s advisers pushed for more official programs that would show the president about the job he is now trying to retain. But the White House had no announcements or official engagements in the pipeline before November 3 as Trump and his team focused on reunification.

    Trump has made policy and personnel from behind closed doors, including the firing of the Secretary of Defense and the drawdown order of Afghanistan and Iraq. He reportedly asked Iran during a meeting last week about options for striking. And his administration is scrambling for strenuous efforts at deregulation and immigration before the end of Trump’s term.

    Behind the curtain, Trump was eager to get things done that fell by the wayside during his first years in office and those close to him have expected that the next two months would not pass quietly.

    Yet Trump has shown little interest in adding more to his program, people familiar with the matter said, and some allies have taken up the idea with him because of his dark mood and prejudice with his loss.

    President-Elect Joe Biden, along with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, speaks about the economic recovery at The Queen's Theater in Williamson, Delaware, Monday November 16.

    Even as Biden controls daily public appearances, Trump has not felt obliged to keep up the pace – though he has seen the activities of the former White House vice president.

    Instead, he spends the morning at the residence watching TV, arriving at the Oval Office in the afternoon and remaining in the evening. He walks back and forth between the office and the adjoining dining room, which is equipped with a large television and where newspapers and magazines are placed on the table.

    When his Coronavirus task force members told governors Monday about the nationwide upsurge in basement White House situation room cases, Trump rose above the developments in Georgia and Pennsylvania, where his team was challenging the election results. Struggling to gain legal traction in the efforts. .

    Later, as Pence made his way to the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to witness the dignified transfer of American service members killed during a helicopter crash in Egypt, the president relied on developments in Nevada on the West Wing. He was, he claims, “a profound influence.”

    The president has not yet commented on the death of the Americans, who died last Thursday while serving as a part of the Peace Army in Egypt. He has not tweeted about the accident or made any other public comment about it.

    uncertain future

    Trump's leadership intensifies as epidemic worsens

    The West Wing was without a person-leader in the weeks following the election as chief of staff Mark Meadows recovered from the coronovirus. Many of Trump’s other advisers were infected after attending a night party at the White House, where some guests wore masks.

    Meadows returned to the White House on Monday. He was working while in isolation and spent enough time on conference calls with colleagues and Trump, people familiar with what he told CNN.

    Other people in the building seem less certain about their futures. Despite a ruling by Trump’s chief of personnel that anyone caught looking for work will be fired immediately, several resumes from the White House have arrived in Capitol Hill last week as workers look for safe jobs.

    Many more said they are waiting for a day when Trump will accept, even they will not be president in January, so they too can start looking for their next gig. Until he does, the staff does not come to the building a few days later.

    In the East Wing, when he will accept the election results, Trump has an extensive sense of auto-pilot in the absent direction. Without proceeding to start planning to move out of the White House in 64 days, there is no packing nor trucks to book, “Do we stay or do we leave?” According to a person with knowledge of the situation.

    Trump played golf at Sterling, Virginia, Sunday, November 15 at Trump National Golf Club.

    First lady Melania Trump is now focused on unveiling her holiday decorations, and the list is still being prepared for dozens of Christmas parties to host the White House.

    On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested that Trump’s legal challenges were looming and the state’s vote certificate would present conclusive evidence.

    He told reporters on Capitol Hill, “Once those certificates are in place, if they happen, litigation is tried in various places, they will be final.” “Electoral College will meet in December, and the inauguration will be on January 20.”

    “We are going to make a systematic transfer from this administration to the next one,” McConnell said. “What we all say about it is, frankly, irrelevant.”

    For now, Trump remains intent on moving forward with his legal challenges, brooding over the sometimes-more-conspiratorial theories as to why the votes did not go. When he emerged in public, he sought only the most familiar places.

    Prior to the election, Trump had told people that he was eager to visit his Mar-a-Lago club after being away for so long, though his rooms were in the midst of being renovated. Officials were told on Tuesday that Trump had pulled the plug on his thanksgiving trip.

    On Saturday and Sunday, glimpses of cameras across the Potomac River from his golf club showed him speeding past a caddy hanging from the back of the wheel of his car from behind.

    Trump seemed most comforted by the crowd of supporters who held mass demonstrations in Washington over the weekend, many opposed the election results and voiced their support. The day before the rally, he wrote on Twitter that he could “try to stop it and say hello.”

    Trump's wave for supporters opposing presidential election results, as campaigned for by the president "Million Maga March" Rally, Saturday November 14 at Freedom Plaza in Washington.

    But even then, Trump did not really emerge in the crowd. He opted instead to roll through the adoring throng in his motorcycle, secretly waving the window outside as secret service agents jogged along with his vehicle.

    Later, Trump marveled at his social media advisor Dan Scavino.

    Jeremy Diamond of Granthshalacontributed to this report.


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