Former President Trump on Tuesday expressed doubt that his successor was “making the most of the decisions” in the White House, after realizing that being president is “of great use.”

Trump also reacted positively to reports that the Biden administration was considering resuming the US-Mexico border wall after initially stopping work.

The former president’s remarks came during a phone interview on the Newsmax Network. The host of the Trump Network’s “American Agenda” program, Heather was talking to Childers.

During the conversation, Trump expressed some good wishes for Biden in his third month as Commander-in-Chief.

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“I hope he’s fine,” Trump said. “I hope everything is fine from that point of view, physically and mentally.”

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Constant speculation is swirling around whether Biden is capable of fully performing the duties of the president. During his first news conference on March 25, Biden was seen using a “cheat News” to help answer reporters’ questions and some while boarding an Air Force aircraft for presidential flights I had also experienced a stumbling block.

Trump pointed out that Ballers’ daily demands for the presidency can be tightened on anyone, not just 78-year-old Biden.

“When I say ‘full time,” – it’s 50 hours a day, “Trump said.” A lot of work. “

But the former president said that it appears to him that Biden may delegate duties to his top advisers.

“I think other people are making the most of the decision,” Trump said. He Said that many of Biden’s policies sound like “Bernie Sanders on steroids”, referring to a progressive US senator independent of Vermont.

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Regarding the boundary wall, Trump said that the Biden team was considering filling the gaps with the wall, if it were true, that there were “positive” signs.

The Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said he is considering enlarging the existing wall, The Washington Times reported on Monday.

Trump expressed disappointment that his administration was unable to complete the wall more due to legal entanglements.

“We were about to complete that wall,” he said. “It was delayed by two and a half years because of the lawsuits.”

He Wish for new administration, if they want to complete the work, Trump told Childers.

“If they are going to get it done, that’s a great thing, it’s a very positive step,” he said.

Trump has recently stated that he was considering a visit to the border region as both President Biden and Vice President Harris have faced criticism for not visiting since taking office.