A supporter of former President Donald Trump is refusing to remove signs criticizing President Biden at her mother’s home, despite a judge’s order to do so.

New Jersey Trump Supporter Andrea Dick, “That’s My First Amendment Right, and I Want to Live With It,” said new York Times on Tuesday.

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Dick, 54, was immediately criticized by some of his neighbors when he put up the signs earlier this year and was eventually cited and fined by local officials, who said the signs were violating an anti-obscenity ordinance. Last week, Rossel Park Municipal Court Judge Gary A. Bundy ordered Dick’s mother to remove three of the 10 banners or fined $250 a day.

Dick says that she will not obey that order.

“I’m not holding back,” Dick said, adding that she is currently looking for a new attorney to represent her.

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The signs, some of which contain vulgar language and middle fingers, were deemed offensive by Rosell Park Mayor Joseph Signorello III.

Signorello says he received complaints and the city’s decision to punish Dick was not about “politics in any way” and that he would have an issue with similar signs that Trump was critical.

“It’s about decency,” Signorello said.

a gofundme account, which Dick posted on his Facebook page, is set up to raise money for his legal defense fund.

“Andrea is fighting an expensive battle to preserve your rights to your freedom of speech as well as yours,” Page says.