Former President Trump on Monday indicted a New York prosecutor for reducing the turnover of his tax records, calling it “the continuation of the biggest political witch hunt in our nation’s history.”

The court action is the clear culmination of a long legal battle that had once before reached the High Court.

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Trump’s tax records shouldn’t be made public as part of the prosecutor’s criminal investigation, but the High Court’s action is a setback for Trump because he fought for so long on so many fronts to maintain his tax records Has fought. Ongoing investigations are part of records that could become an issue for Trump in his life after the presidency. Trump has called it “a fishing expedition” and “a continuation of the witch hunt”.

Trump said in a statement on Monday that the investigation claimed his presidency, including the investigation of former special counsel Robert Muller, whom he called “never ending the $ 32 million Muller hoax” ‘Calls Fusion’ was discovered, and “two” ridiculous ‘Crazy Nancy’ inspired impeachment efforts, where I was found not guilty. “

“it never ends!” Trump said. “So now, for more than two years, New York City has been looking at almost every transaction I’ve sought tax returns that were made by the largest and most reputable law and accounting firms in America.”

Trump said that the Supreme Court “should never let this ‘fishing expedition’ take place, but they did.”

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Trump said, “This is something that has never happened before the president, it is a Democrat-inspired in a completely Democrat location, New York City, and the state, which is a completely controlled and dominated enemy, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Dominates. ” .

The former president said that “the new incident of prosecution heads and AGs — who try to use the law as a weapon to topple their political opponents — is a threat to the foundations of our freedom.”

“That’s what is done in third world countries,” he continued. “Worse are those who run for prosecution or attorney general offices in far-flung states and vow to drive out a political opponent. Trump said:” This is fascism, not justice — and that’s what they are with. Trying to do. Respect for me, except that the people of our country will not stand for it. “

Trump called for a boost in crime in New York City, with elected officials “not caring”, but instead, “they focus on all that is the persecution of President Donald J. Trump.”

“I will contest the last five years (even before I am successfully elected), whatever electoral crimes have taken place against me,” he said. “We will win!”

The Supreme Court waited months to take action in the case, with the last written brief filed in October. The court did not provide an explanation for the delay, and the legal issue before the judges did not include whether Trump was president because of any special respect.

The court order is a victory for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., who has been seeking since 2019 under scrutiny of Trump’s tax records. Vance, a Democrat, had withdrawn the record from a Majors accounting firm that had long worked for Trump and his businesses. Mazars have said it would comply with Uppana, but Trump, a Republican, sued to block the record’s release.

Vance’s office said it would be free to enforce the subpoena and obtain records in the event that the Supreme Court refused to stop and stop the business of records, but it was unclear when. It is possible.

The case the Supreme Court ruled includes a grand jury subpoena for more than eight years of Trump’s personal and corporate tax records. There are very few differences about what Vance indicated for requesting the record. However, prosecutors filed in a courtroom last year said they were justified in seeking records because of public reports of “widespread and prevalent criminal conduct in the Trump Organization.”

Part of the investigation involves payments to two women – porn actress Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougall – to keep them calm during the 2016 presidential campaign regarding alleged extramarital affairs with Trump. Trump has denied the cases.

In July, the justices in the 7–2 ruling rejected Trump’s argument that he was immune from the investigation while in the presidency, or that a prosecutor should show a higher-than-normal requirement to obtain tax records.

Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kwanuagh, who were nominated by Trump to the High Court, joined the decision. It was released before Trump’s third nominee, Justice Amy Connie Barrett, who replaced the late Justice Ruth Beder Ginsburg in court.

As part of its July ruling, the High Court returned the Vance case and a similar case contained records sought by Congress for lower courts. And the court proceeded with the cases to prevent the record from being operationalized.

Since the High Court’s decision, in the Vance case, Trump’s attorneys made additional arguments that their tax records should not be overstated, but they lost again in federal court in New York and on appeal. It was one of the decisions that Trump sought to put on hold.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.