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Former President Donald Trump is due to testify next month in video alleging that his staff attacked protesters outside Trump Tower in 2015, new court papers show.

According to court papers filed on Monday, his lawyers said, “Trump is scheduled to testify on video on October 18, after the date of September 24, because he was “no longer available”.


bronx Supreme Court Justice Doris Gonzalez initially ordered Trump to appear for a video statement in 2019, dismissing his lawyers’ arguments that extraordinary circumstances were needed to compel the then-president to testify.

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In his ruling at the time, Gonzalez said that, “no government official, including the executive, is above the law,” Trump’s “testimony is indispensable” in the case.

The judge would still have to approve the extension for the video statement to be taken.

In September 2015, five protesters filed suit against Trump, The Trump Organization LLC, the Trump campaign and three of his security guards, claiming they were attacked by a security team – who also took away their signs – September 3, 2015 When they were peacefully protesting the then presidential candidate Negative comments about Mexican immigrants.

The plaintiffs’ lawyers – Efrain Galicia, Florencia Tejeda Perez, Gonzalo Cruz Franco, Miguel Villalobos and Norberto García – intend to prove that Trump encouraged or ordered the actions of security guards.

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The case, which was previously set for trial in 2019 but was then put on hold, while Trump’s lawyers appealed Gonzalez’s decision on video testimony.

Lawyers for both sides did not immediately return a request for comment.