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We had a diplomatic incident last month and many Americans didn’t even know what had happened. The French government did something they hadn’t done in hundreds of years. He recalled his ambassador to the United States. He also accused the United States of behaving in a way that is unacceptable among allies and partners. No, it wasn’t the cheese ban that drove the French crazy. They were furious that the Biden administration agreed to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines.

France wanted to sell its submarines, and the Biden administration effectively ended that deal. It hurt France, and they were mad about it. Now we have no problem with France, this deeper meaning, to be specific, 1798. John Adams was president then, and interestingly, he had no idea that we had a problem with France. It took him months to get back to Washington that American and French diplomats were fighting with each other.


By the time Adams learned of this diplomatic dispute, which became known as the XYZ affair, it was too late to stop. The naval battles fought mostly in the Caribbean broke out between the United States and France. So the lesson from that struggle was very simple. If you’re going to run the United States, you have to be very aware of what the rest of the world is doing, especially the major world powers, especially your allies.

John Kerry Goes Viral After Saying Biden ‘Really Didn’t Know What’ Caused US-France Dustup

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So with that in mind, John Kerry, the former secretary of state who is now our climate jar, was asked what happened here? And his response was really simple: Like John Adams, Joe Biden had no idea the French were upset. Now, unlike John Adams, our current president has the advantage of a cell phone and the Internet. But he still didn’t know. Joe Biden didn’t know because he is mentally weak. There are many things he doesn’t know, in which our allies get angry with us and start recalling their ambassadors.

So Carey was asked by a French news channel to explain it all. Why did the Biden administration cut France off the nuclear submarine deal with Australia? And his response was amazing. He said that Joe Biden did it because Joe Biden was completely unaware that there was a problem in the first place.

John Kerry: And President Biden asked me about it, and I told him, and expressed…

French reporter: You told Joe Biden that it was not right…

John Kerry: He asked me. He said, how are you? And I explained it right, he was, he didn’t know about it. He really, really didn’t know what had happened.

When was the last time you heard someone in the US government admit that the president was completely clueless? “He really didn’t know what had happened.” You probably aren’t surprised by this. Joe Biden was clearly confused throughout the presidential campaign. Here’s an example:

Joe Biden: Boom? Good evening…thank you very much for tuning in.

Joe Biden: No man has the right to raise his hand at an angry woman except in self-defense, and that rarely happens. And so we just have to change the culture. Period. And kept punching and punching him.

Joe Biden: Play the radio. Make sure the television, sorry, make sure you have a record player at night.

Joe Biden: Poor kid who’s just as bright and talented as white kids.

Joe Biden: We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts.

We are not trying to be mean, as we have said many times, we feel sorry for Joe Biden, we all hope to live to the age where we face problems like this. And the truth is, voters knew what they were getting when they voted for Joe Biden. What’s interesting is that now that he’s in office, Biden’s handlers are doing everything possible to prevent us from noticing that he’s not really in charge.

PSAKI attempts to back up Kerry’s claim that Biden was not aware of the French response to the subpoena deal

Look at the latest example. There are photos of a fake White House set that the Biden administration for some reason built across the street from the real White House. It is in an auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office building. Why get in trouble? They already have the White House.

Well, Stephen Miller spent the last four years in the White House as an adviser to Trump, and here’s his explanation for it, as he might know: “Biden uses this bizarre virtual set for television meetings — not… that the actual room eg East Room, Cabinet, Oval, Roosevelt, Sit Room, etc – as it allows him to read a script directly from a face-on monitor (and w/out teleprompter glass that can be seen on camera) ”

Oh, is that so. Now, we can’t verify that this is true, but it sure seems to be true. Joe Biden can’t speak to the Oval Office because he doesn’t know what to say, so he has to read it all here. So it raises a very deep question. The question is not, is Joe Biden mentally weak? Obviously, he is, and again, we’re not going to be proud of it. But a more important question for the rest of us is this: If he’s not running the government, then who is? This is a real question. Clearly, the FBI, the DOJ, and the military are already acting independently of the elected President of the United States, which, as you just saw, doesn’t even keep them informed of international events.

Instead, they are free in some cases to crush anyone who opposes their power. For example, Michael Flynn. He was briefly the national security adviser in the Trump administration. What we learned from the destruction of Mike Flynn was, in fact, that sure you can elect Donald Trump as president, but does he actually run the executive branch of government? No, it turns out that Barack Obama was still in charge, even though he was no longer president.

So Obama accuses his teammates of a crime on Mike Flynn, speaking to Russia as national security adviser, which is certainly not a crime by any means. And he wasted his life to do so. It took years for us – how slow we are to figure out what really happened there – but now it is much clearer. We just sat down with a long interview with Mike Flynn. It’s coming Monday, and he told us what’s really clear to everyone watching: A non-elected group within Washington effectively runs the country without reference to voters. Here’s his assessment:

Mike Flynn: We have two different governments. We have the one who actually gets elected and goes into office. And then you have a government inside Washington, D.C. that operates without rules, with no officers other than them or anyone who is ever in charge…

Tucker Carlson: Looks like the government was still controlled by Barack Obama.

Mike Flynn: Yeah, and I would say that to an extent, that’s what we’re dealing with today.

Well, Mike Flynn is no internet celebrity or conservative activist, he was a three-star general. He was the head of an intelligence agency. He was the number two person for all American intelligence. He spent his entire life working in the government and succeeding in it. So he knows what he’s talking about. He is a reliable guide on how the government actually works.

By the way, our full conversation with Mike Flynn is on Tucker Carlson TODAY. It’s coming Monday on Granthshala Nation. But it’s not just Mike Flynn who is being destroyed. Every ideological opponent of the regime is attacking parents who say disapproving things in school board meetings. Yesterday, Joe Biden’s flak declined to use the Patriot Act to victimize American parents who are upset about what their kids are learning.

Peter Ducey: Would the administration be okay with the FBI using the Patriot Act to survey these parents if they decide to do so?

JEN PSAKI: Don’t speak on behalf of the National School Board Association. I speak on behalf of this government. The Attorney General has written the letter. They will take whatever action they take and I will point them to more details.

Oh, so this is the spokesman for the President of the United States, saying in the Justice Department, they’re going to take the action that they’re going to take, we really have no control over that. And he may be there to do something. It seems that the national security state runs everything. You may recall, the DOJ recently sent its Counter-Terrorism National Security Division to investigate the common parents, calling them domestic terrorists. The DOJ is also developing training sessions to educate school board members that free speech is, in fact, violence.

So who’s really in charge? Really interesting question.

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening remarks on the October 7, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”