Rush Limbaugh died on Wednesday, as you undoubtedly heard. He She turned 70 last month.

Literally millions of people listened to Rush Limbaghan every day for 30 years in confidence. Some of them wept as soon as they heard the news. Others on the Internet revealed the depth of his cruelty and harmony. We are going to ignore them, because they already have a great influence on our culture. Instead, we are going to tell you what Rush Limbaugh did and why they talked.

Limbaugh was an intensely talented broadcaster, but that is why he did not endure for generations and unilaterally changed the media business. Rush Limbaugh really believed things, and treated them with integrity. This was their rule. What he believed most was that America is a good and decent place and deserves protection.

Here he is in 2009, explaining what he believes about Americans as human:

RUSH LIMBUGH, Consumerist Trio Radio, DED at 70

LIMBAUGH: We are no different from humans anywhere in the world. And there have been [people] We have thousands of years on this planet. We are barely 250 years old and we have outpaced everyone in almost everything… raises the standard of living in the history of the world. Not because our DNA is different, not because we are special human beings. This is because of our freedom. This is because of the founding documents and the rights that we have where they come.

Rush Limbaugh actually read the founding documents. He Really believed him. He Just saying no, and it was obvious when he spoke. This was a threat to those who wanted to become more powerful than the constitution had allowed, so they tried to silence it.

We think of corporate censorship as a new phenomenon, but Rush Limbaugh was fighting it 30 years ago, and winning. Here he is on “60 Minutes” in 1991:

LIMBAUGH: I think I’m just saying what a lot of people think, but don’t have a chance to say to myself. That’s why they call me America’s ‘most dangerous man’. Someone is finally saying this stuff.

The most memorable moments of radio titan legend career are

“The Most Dangerous Man in America.” This is what they called him. They call you when you are brave enough to tell the truth.

Few people are better qualified to assess Rush Limbo’s life than his friend and frequent guest host Mark Stein Wrote a beautiful tribute Here is part of it on his website on Wednesday, in the perspective of his life:

“Usually, in this line of work, if you’re lucky, you get a moment – a year or two when you’re in work – and you expect enough grip for that moment because it’s slowly Goes away to keep you away [sic] Retirement. Rush did something unprecedented in the history of TV and radio. Commercial broadcasting began in the United States in 1920: imb The Rush Limbaugh Show ‘came up with two-thirds of a century, very quickly becoming the number one program, and topped it all to date – a third to full of medium. History. “

It is notable, but then Rush Limbaugh was a notable figure. He Lived a life that mattered.

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s early commentary on the February 17, 2021 version of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.