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Former Hawaii Congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, joined “Granthshala News Primetime” to discuss the federal grand jury indictment of Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Tulsi Gabbard: There’s a situation in our country where the powerful elite, people like Hillary Clinton and those around her, the dark state and the media, are all getting together to destroy the outsiders they see as a threat to their power. admit. Essentially what they do is create a dictatorship where it is the outsiders who put the country first, who are not afraid to challenge the establishment and who do not walk the line, to remain silent and censor and They do everything they can to eliminate these outsiders whom they see as a threat to their power. It is bigger than any person. It really is a threat to our democracy and the American people. Their arrogance in believing they have a right to do so, and regardless of who gets hurt in the process, or how it really undermines our country, our democracy, and harms the interests of the American people inflicts and harms. The American people deserve better than this, and the worst part is that they get away with it.


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