The Tunnel to Tower Foundation is raising money to pay the mortgage of police officer Eric Talley, who was killed in a supermarket mass shooting that took place last week in Boulder, Colorado.

The Foundation has already earned 80% of the funds required for its goal, which they hope to achieve by Easter Sunday.

Tunnel to Towers CEO Frank Siler said during an appearance on “Granthshala & Friends” that his foundation is fulfilling its promise to pay off the mortgage balance for Eric’s wife and their seven children.

“I can’t thank ‘Granthshala and Friends’ enough for this campaign,” Siler said. “This is a promise that we have made in the Tunnels at Tunnel Foundation and we are going to keep it.”


Sailor called on people to help their organization accomplish its goal not only for Tally’s family but to help other “great heroes” and “families left behind”.

A Gold Star Home Program recipient of the Foundation, Jenny Taylor also joined the section on how her life was positively impacted by the Tunnel to Towers after her husband’s death.

“Your first concern is how I would raise these children without my husband,” Taylor said. “But, immediately after this idea, how do I pay the bills?”

Taylor, who also has seven children, said he cannot describe the “burden” that was removed after receiving a phone call that the foundation would take care of the mortgage payments.

The Tunnel Two Towers have almost completed the mortgage of a fallen Colorado officer

Police of Boulder, Colorado, held a memorial service in Tally’s honor on Tuesday.

Talley was the first law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene of a mass shooting in Boulder, where he and nine people were killed on 22 March.

The Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette live-streamed the memorial service, which attracted hundreds of first responders as well as citizens from across the state.

Taylor attended Tally’s funeral service to be with the family and to convince the fallen officer. Taylor said the family was “resilient” and “beautiful” and described the service as “a memory to be cherished” in her mind forever.

“You see the light [Talley’s] Served him, his beauty, the eyes of those beautiful children and his lovely wife, his weeping mother and his father. “

Granthshala News’ Audrey Conklin contributed to this report.