‘Twilight’: Catherine Hardwicke considers Fan’s suggestions She Cast movie

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    Usually when a blockbuster film is being cast, decisions are made exclusively by the producers, casting directors and directors. but Twilight There was a discrepancy in more ways than one. However, the book named had a very large and loyal following in the series, with Summit Entertainment (the film’s distributing studio) not expecting the film to be a massive hit, let alone warranting four additional sequels.

    Kristen Stewart, Katherine Hardwick, and Robert Pattinson | Franco S. Origlia / Getty Images

    Summit Entertainment was being underestimated Of twilight Success. The biggest downside was that the film got a small budget. Katherine Hardwick, who has directed the film, has talked about how the studio threatened to stop production on the film altogether if it could not find a way to destroy the budget heavily. It is the low budget that gives The Film for the first time Twilight The saga feels a different indie than its successors.

    Catherine Hardwick had to cast actors for ight twilight

    Although Hardwick had a smaller budget than the likes, there were also some positives that came out of the studio’s low expectations Twilight. The biggest advantage was that Hardwick was able to achieve greater creative freedom with the film. She He was an actor who was able to change the lives of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson forever.

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    But how did Twilight The director is even known about casting what would be such iconic roles? With an interview in 2008 Collider, Hardwick revealed that casting the lead was no easy feat. Realizing that she could not rule anyone, the director also seriously considered what fans of the book series were suggesting.

    The director took suggestions from fans who love books

    “Oh, well, well, first of all, I saw everyone else. Even people who fans suggested, ” Twilight The director shared about her casting process. “You know we’ll try to contact them. Are they the right age for this? Are they interested? Are they available? When it was done, do they look good in person or do they just Looks good in the photo? Abercrombie and Fitch models or whatever. But we tried to examine all that fans had suggested, but those suggestions were actually very bad. “

    Hardwicke continued to share that he ended the list Twilight Recommendations from fans were how bad they were. Some fans were willing to play the role of Edward Cullen, despite the age discrepancy for Brad Pitt. When Stewart and Pattinson were eventually linked, Hardwick found out that there were some strong chemicals; But she still had to weigh her options before she could say yes with confidence.

    ‘Twilight’ director misses Robert Pattinson’s audition with Kristen Stewart

    “I believe I saw everyone they saw and moved on, and then I saw millions of other people as well, and so I knew what options there were,” Hardwick said of casting for the lead. Told in Twilight. ‘And after I saw Rob and Kristen I didn’t just say yes to the room. I had to watch my video and come back after a day or two and walk a short distance. How does it feel on screen, not just in the room? And I felt very good about it. Apparently, Hardwick’s instinct was spot on. We sure are fans Twilight Can’t imagine any other actor in the role.

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