Two more cheerleaders linked to Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ charged with sexual misconduct with minors

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    Two cheerleaders featured in the popular Netflix documents “Cheer” were arrested this week in separate criminal cases related to sexual misconduct with minors – prior to malpractice allegations against breakout star Jerry Harris. The latest arrests related to a connected show.

    Choreographer Robert Joseph Sciana Jr., a 25-year-old coach and a big international fan, was arrested in Virginia on Wednesday for using indecent acts with a child and using an electronic device device to have sex in an unlawful manner He was charged with felony. Chesterfield County Police Department. Police said he arranged to meet a teenager, whom he met through a social media platform for sex. Scaniana could not be reached for comment on Friday.

    According to the Chesterfield County Police Department, Robert Joseph Cenia Jr. was arrested in Virginia on February 3, 2021 and charged with indecent acts with a child and using an electronic communication device.

    Michele Ryan, a member of Navarro College’s cheer team, was arrested in Texas on Wednesday in “Cheer”. Ryan, 23, was charged with sexual assault of a child related to an incident that occurred on July 24, Dallas County Sheriff Department records show.

    Michelle Ryan was arrested in Texas on Feb. 3, 2021 and charged with felony, sexual abuse of a child, Dallas County Sheriff Department records show.
    Michelle Ryan was arrested in Texas on Feb. 3, 2021 and charged with felony, sexual abuse of a child, Dallas County Sheriff Department records show.

    “It’s been a nightmare for Mitch and his family,” Ryan’s attorney Jeremy Rosenthal said. “We are waiting for the truth of Dallas County and the case to end.” Rosenthal declined further comment.

    Harris was arrested about five months after Netflix documentary breakout star celebrity cheerleader Harris was accused of making nude photos and sex with minors. Harris, 21, is facing multiple felony charges, including sexual abuse and transportation with intent to commit illegal sexual conduct.

    The charges against Harris were first published by USA Today as part of an investigation into sexual misconduct in cheerleading. Extensive failures in that investigation revealed how the US All Star Federation (USASF), the governing body of competitive cheerleading, involved allegations of misconduct with minors.

    Cheerleading has a list of banned people: It was recalling 74 convicted sex offenders.

    ‘Heavy slap on the face’: Cheerleading leads to frustration over misdemeanor sexual misconduct cases

    The USASF suspended Sheena on Wednesday, but did not suspend Ryan until USA Today published charges against him. According to a statement from the USASF, the governing body has been aware of the allegations against Ryan since October. Angela Rogers, co-owner of Cheer Athletics Gym where Ryan worked, told USA Today that the company learned of the allegations against Ryan last year and immediately fired him and reported it to police and the USASF.

    The USASF did not explain why it waited for Ryan to be suspended.

    The USASF said in its statement, “When the USASF received a complaint against Mr. Ryan in late October, we immediately ensured that it was reported to law enforcement and subsequently began an investigation of our own, which was ongoing was.”

    Chyna is both famous for Scania and Ryan in the world.

    A celebrity cheerleader with 237,000 followers on Instagram, Sniana was featured in an episode of “Cheer” with Gabby Butler, another prominent cheerleader, in a one-night photoshoot for Rebel Athletic. According to their website, Scaniana has hosted more than 300 cheerleading camps and 140 routines, working with gyms in more than 13 countries.

    Sgt. Winfred Lewis of the Chesterfield County Police Department said Scaniana believed about a 14-year-old boy on Tuesday and Wednesday and arranged to meet. He Before the meeting took place, he was arrested. Lewis declined to elaborate on the matter, but said there was no connection with cheerleading.

    “He Chance has a lot more possible contact with teenage children, with younger children, “Lewis said, referring to Scania’s involvement in the Chyna world.” Hopefully if there are more victims, that is for whatever reason, perhaps because of his stature. t want to come forward, so that they can reach the police department so that we can investigate further. “

    Police said Cianna is being held in the Chesterfield County Jail without bond.

    Ryan cheered on the Navarro college team featured on “Cheer”, but is not listed in the current roster. He Cheer was also a member of the Athletics Wildcats, a team that competed on the hit NBC show “America’s Got Talent” last summer. Ryan posted bond on Friday and was released from prison, records show.

    Netflix declined to comment on the arrest. It refers to USA Today in an earlier statement made after Harris’s arrest: “Like everyone else we are surprised by this news. Any abuse of minors is a terrible crime and we respect the legal process.”

    Share your story: Help USA Today investigate misconduct in cheerleading

    Tricia L. Nadolny and Marisa Kwiatkowski are journalists of USA TODAY’s national investigative team. Tricia can be reached at tnadolny@usatoday.com or @TriciaNadolny. Marissa can be reached at mkwiatko@usatoday.com, @byMarisaK or by phone, signal or WhatsApp at (317) 207-2855.

    This article originally accused USA Today: Two Netflix ‘Cheer’ athletes of sexual misconduct with minors

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